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5 Secrets and Tips How to Choose and Open a Durian while Living in Singapore | 2024 Guide

How to Choose and Open Durian in Singapore

Have you ever had experiences when the durian you ate was too watery or unripe or sour?

Are you having trouble choosing a good durian and opening it?

If you answered “YES” to any of above, this post is exactly the secrets and tips you are looking for, will show you 5 secrets how to choose a good durian and open it while living in Singapore with friends or your family members so you can enjoy eating durians with them.

11 Best Online Grocery Stores in Singapore 2024 | Taiwanese | Chinese | Japanese | Korean | Indian

Best Online Grocery Store in Singapore

Want to know reasonable delivery fees if making grocery orders online ?

Want to order groceries but you have kids at home now and can’t leave them alone?

Do not want to take risks going outside because of virus infection?

Want to avoid the crowded aisles of grocery stores in Singapore?

Whatever the reason, there are plenty of online grocery stores you can choose from and meet your need. If you’re not sure which sites are the best, here’s the list of best online grocery stores in Singapore inclusive of Taiwanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Indian, Vegetarian grocery stores so you can find a wide variety of groceries from reliable online grocery stores with reasonable delivery fees.

17 Best Durian Mooncake Delivery Singapore 2024 | Best of Durian Mooncakes

Durian Mooncakes Singapore

Singaporeans love their food and a lot of them admire the king of fruits, the durian! Durians are one of Singapore’s favourite fruits, so it only makes sense that Singaporeans love any desserts or dishes made with durians such as the durian crepe cake, durian pizza, durian ice-cream, durian cake and even durian hotspot.

With this year Mid-Autumn Festival coming, we’ve compiled a list of where you can get your durian mooncakes from! Here is a list of 13 best durian mooncake in Singapore:

11 Best Chocolate Lava Cakes in Singapore | Best of 2024

Best Chocolate Lava Cakes in Singapore

Are you looking for where to order hot chocolate lava cakes in Singapore?

Are you looking for a place to eat warm chocolate lava cakes in Singapore ?

If you answer  “Yes” to any of the above, this post is exactly the recommendations of chocolate lava cakes in Singapore you are looking for.

You can reserve the chocolate lava cakes and eat them in the restaurant, or you can make an online order and have them delivered to your doorstep. If you’re looking to eat chocolate lava cakes from a popular restaurant, you’d better reserved it first. Hence you can enjoy eating the best chocolate lava cakes in Singapore with your family, friends, or colleagues.

Here’s a list of the 11 best chocolate lava cakes as below you won’t miss out on in Singapore:

23 Best Chicken Essence Drinks in Singapore 2024| Overcome Fatigue And Tiredness

Best Chicken Essence in Sngapore

In modern society, fatigue (feeling tired) is a common symptom. Products like coffee, ginseng, and vitamins have been used for many years to fight fatigue and boost energy.
Furthermore, there has been a trend of greater interest in using traditional remedies for fatigue. For example, chicken essence, being rich in anserine and carnosine, is widely taken as a remedy to attenuate physical and mental fatigue in Asian countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. A study found that every day intake of essence of chicken can be used to recover from mental fatigue.

Without further ado, here are 23 best chicken essence drinks in Singapore for you to consider.

15 Best Durian Ice Creams in Singapore 2024

Best Durian Ice Creams in Singapore

You’re craving durian. Why not try some durian ice cream?

Durian fruit, popular for its unique taste and aroma, is a seasonal fruit.

To meet the demands of durian lovers every month, the durian artisans decide to launch durian ice creams, durian cakes in Singapore. Durian lovers can now enjoy their favourite durian taste all year round with your loved ones.

Let’s show you 11 best durian ice creams in Singapore for you to explore and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Don’t forget to save it and share it with your friends and your loved ones.

19 Best Types of Durian in Singapore 2024 | Choose Your Favourite Durian Taste

Best Types of Durian in Singapore

We’re now in the durian season – a tropical fruit with an unusual flavour that you either love or hate with

Durians come in a variety of flavours from bittersweet to creamy rich flavours. Although different types of breeds have different flavours, most people prefer to taste one predominant flavour.

For those who aren’t familiar, maybe you’re probably aware of 3 types of durian: Mao Shan Wang durian, XO durian or D24 durian.

Before you read this post, please leave comment what type of durian you know or which type of durian you tasted before. There are about hundred types of durians, the most famous being the ones grown in Malaysia and Thailand.

If you want to know more about the various types of durians that you can find in Singapore this season, here is a list of 16 different types of durian you need to know about and maybe you can find in Singapore this season so you can choose a durian that fits your taste buds.

15 Best Durian Cake Delivery in Singapore 2024

Best Durian Cake Delivery Singapore

The ‘smelly’ fruit Durian is either loved or hated. I, for one, love the fruit.

Durian is the king of fruits, because it’s got a unique appearance and taste, offering many different varieties. Musang King tastes creamy, bitter and sticky whereas D24 Sultan has creamy and bittersweet taste.

You’ve probably heard of people who enjoy turning durian into sandwiches, ice cream, smoothies, cakes, coffee mixes or rice mixes. This blog post is a perfect read for people who are interested in finding out more about the best durian cakes in Singapore!

12 Best Online Durian Delivery in Singapore 2024

Best Durian Online Delivery in Singapore

Crazy durian fans, the season for durian is coming.

Have you ever wished there’s a durian stall near your house? Or perhaps even better, one that delivers? Don’t want to go outside during a hot and humid day? Durians are not permitted on public transport? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Online durian delivery services are growing this season. Whenever you’re craving durians, you can get them delivered right to your doorstep. Here’s a list of 12 best online durian delivery services in Singapore so that you’ll be able to enjoy your durians without any fuss.

29 Best Durian Prices in Singapore 2024 | Which one is Cheaper and Reliable?

Best Durian Price in Singapore

For all those who love durian, the season of durians in Singapore has returned!

Due to its unique strong durian smell can permeate through MRT or bus, durian can be a bit of a nuisance when transported on mass transit.

If you want to eat durians and there are no durian sellers near your area, you can look at this list of best durian prices as below in Singapore and decide which favourite durians you are keen to eat. It’s possibly a good idea to buy durians online and deliver it to your doorstep. Some sellers do not charge for delivery if your order is over a minimum amount.