Our Story

Oh no! Jayden Penguin’s house was broken into while he was on vacation with his family. There were glass shards on the floor and his belongings thrown about. The burglar had cut the windows network rail and stole all of their most valuable items, like jewelry and electronics.

The neighbors gathered around the house as Jayden called the police. Sirens blared and lights flashed as the police cars came down the street. He told the police what happened, and they filed a report and fingerprinted the home.

For days, Jayden stared at the phone waiting for a call about the burglar being caught. He tried to stay hopeful, but the burglar hit other houses, breaking the recording storage and alarms. It was too dark for the cameras to recognize the face, and the police had no leads.

Each night, Jayden stared out his window, seeing his neighbors’ lights on as well. No one could sleep until the burglar was caught. “The police will find him,” he nodded, “And the neighborhood will be safe again.”

The next day, Jayden walked through the park to forget his troubles. He sat on a bench to read a book, but couldn’t focus. Another penguin sat beside him, introducing himself as Skippy. “Why do you look so sad?” Skippy asked.

Jayden sighed. “My house got robbed and the police can’t find him. I know I’m not the only victim, so I’m trying to stay positive for my friends and neighbors. If only I could do something to help, but my ideas are lacking.”

“My friend,” Skippy said, “I have a PhD in technology involving image processing and facial recognition. I have exactly what you need.”

Jayden gasped. “You do?”

“I developed a 360-degree motion sensor with a hidden light bulb and wireless cloud storage. Even if a burglar tries to break something, the information will instantly store to the cloud.”

“I knew there was hope! That’s just what I’ve been looking for.”

Jayden and his new friend went around the neighborhood telling everyone about this golden treasure. Together they helped each other learn how to use it and waited eagerly every night for the burglar to strike again. Luckily, he did! The burglar’s face was caught on camera, and the whole neighborhood cheered for this new invention.

“I loved seeing everyone so happy,” Jayden said, “How can we spread this joy around the world?”

Skippy looked at him and smiled. “Travel with me. Let’s explore the unknown destinations of the globe and sell useful items to everyone who needs it. Life shouldn’t be wasted on worrying and filing police reports. Let’s make the world better with products that anyone can use to be happy and healthy in life.”

“I think I’ll start calling myself Mr Life Changer!”

Skippy stared at him with confusion and scratched his head. “Hmm, we’ll work on the name later.”

“It’s the perfect name!” he replied, “And the world will know it well. We must share our knowledge and transform people’s lives for the better!”




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