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Are you interested in guest blogging for Mr Life Changer? Here’s what you need to know…

Many thanks for your interest in the Mr. Life Changer blog. We love to share life changing ideas and experience.

We will review every guest post submission as quickly as possible, and keep you updated as soon as possible after your submission. Please be patient and bear with us as we review your submission.

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Guideline For Contributors:

We love real human being sharing life changing experience. Please read the following requirements before your submission:

  1. Original Content:

Mr Life Changer publishes only original content on its blog. If you have something great stories, experience to share with our audiences, please submit your original work and we will review it and publish it . No duplicate content, please.

  1. Photos:

A photo is worth a thousand words. Please submit only high-quality photos of 1600 pixels wide, which you have permission to use are relevant to your article. Please do not attach photos to the document. Please provide the link of photo in your submission.

  1. 5 common types of posts:

The Mr Life Changer blog lists the five most common types of posts from guest bloggers:

  • Inspiring stories/posts in real life: A powerful inspiring story about someone overcoming obstacles/solving problems in order to achieve something. The message is “If author can do it, audiences can do it, too.”
  • Tutorial or How to posts: This type of post is one of the most popular and arguably brings the most value to our audiences. While writing it, you should be very specific about the steps that the reader needs to take action in order to get whatever is promised in your title. Videos and images can be very useful for detailed posts on how-to topics.
  • Stories: Stories are very effective in connecting with readers.
  • Photo essay: A sequence of related photographs that collectively tell a story. Take note that all photos should have captions.
  • Standard list posts: The list posts are popular because they are easy to scan and follow. The ideas is to take a topic or a problem and you try to come up with a number of solutions to it. The points are usually not related to each other in any way. So, the audiences get a lot of value from this type of posts.
  1. Topics: The topics of guest posting we accept as below.
  • Animals & Pet Supplies
  • Apparel & Accessories
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Baby & Toddler
  • Business & Industrial
  • Cameras & Optics
  • Electronics
  • Food & Beverages
  • Furniture
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home & Garden
  • Luggage & Bags
  • Office Supplies
  • Software & Technology
  • Sporting Goods
  • Toys & Games
  • Vehicles & Parts
  • Real Estate (Property)
  • Travel
  • Fitness
  • Home Improvement
  • Finance
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Fashion
  • Service Provider
  • Yoga
  • And much more..

Except the prohibited content:

  • Illegal products or services
  • Discriminatory practices
  • Tobacco and related products
  • Unsafe substances
  • Weapons, ammunition or explosives
  • Adult products or services
  • Adult content
  • Third-party infringement
  • Sensational content
  • Misinformation
  • Controversial content
  • Cheating and deceitful practices
  • Payday loan, payslip advances and bail bonds
  • Penny auctions
  • Misleading claims
  • Low-quality or disruptive content
  • Spyware or malware
  • Unacceptable business practices
  • Circumventing systems
  • Vaccine discouragement
  1. Length of the guest post

The length of an article must be at least 600 words and a maximum of 2000 words.

  1. Language and format

All articles should be written in English. The content should be informative and educational.

  1. Quality of content

It is crucial that you proofread the article and make sure no grammatical mistakes before you submit it.

  1. Editing

Mr Life Changer reserves the right to edit or change your formatting and wording of content.

We receive a lot of guest post emails, so please be patient and bear with us.

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