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Best Online Grocery Store in Singapore

11 Best Online Grocery Stores in Singapore 2024 | Taiwanese | Chinese | Japanese | Korean | Indian

Want to know reasonable delivery fees if making grocery orders online ?

Want to order groceries but you have kids at home now and can’t leave them alone?

Do not want to take risks going outside because of virus infection?

Want to avoid the crowded aisles of grocery stores in Singapore?

Whatever the reason, there are plenty of online grocery stores you can choose from and meet your need. If you’re not sure which sites are the best, here’s the list of best online grocery stores in Singapore inclusive of Taiwanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Indian, Vegetarian grocery stores so you can find a wide variety of groceries from reliable online grocery stores with reasonable delivery fees.

1. Food People (Taiwanese groceries)

Food People Taiwanese Online Grocery Store in SIngapore
Image credit to: Food People in Singapore

Food People has the highest standards of food quality, consistency and integrity. It brings a wide range of foods and beverages from Taiwan to Singapore

Over twenty thousands of customers rated average 4.9 out of 5 to Food People online shop in Singapore. If you’re looking for Taiwanese tasty food, Food People online shop is a good choice. Its quality and variety of Taiwanese foods & beverages at Food People shop are fantastic. You can find lots of dried and frozen foods, Taiwanese exclusive foods, snacks and sweets from its online shop.

6 Popular Food People Foods and Beverages You Must Try:

Food People Handmade Taiwan Sausage

Taiwan Food People  Instant Oyster Vermicelli Mee Sua

Taiwan Food People Handmade Spring Onion Scallion Pancake

Taiwan  Uncle A-Zai Oriental Pancake (Onion)

Taiwan Gui Guan Laurel Steamboat Fish Dumpling

Taiwan TTL Cooking Michiu Rice Wine

Delivery Information:

The delivery fee is waived if you purchase a minimum amount depending on items.

2. Scarlett Supermarket (China groceries)

Scarlett Chinese Online Grocery Store in Singapore
Image credit to: Scarlett Supermarket

The Scarlett Supermarket is a local seller in Singapore, imports goods from China.

The Scarlett Supermarket known as “Home Sick”, is a translation of the original Chinese name. Its slogan “Feeling Homesick, Come to us” promises that their customers can find most of China’s products available there.

According to Scarlett Supermarket online shop in Singapore, over ten thousands of customers rated Scarlett’s products an average of 4.9 out of 5. You can find a wide selection of Chinese food items and snacks at its online shop such as instant noodles, can food, dried fruits, biscuits, breads, cakes, drinks and juices and much more.

If you are looking for a good deal, please check out Scarlett Supermarket’s products. There is currently a lot of cheap deals and sweet bargains at its online shop in Singapore. Lower prices and better deals make customers happy.

Everyone is interested in trying Chinese foods and beverages. But there is no idea how to find the most popular one. There are 5 popular Chinese foods and beverages as below that you must try.

5 Popular Scarlett Foods and Beverages You Must Try:

Nongfu Spring Fruit Tea

Genki Forest Soda Sparkling Water

Hong Tu Yam Chip

ChaCheer Potato Chips Crisp


Delivery Information:

It takes three working days for delivery.

The delivery fee is waived if you purchase a minimum amount depending on items.

3. Don Don Donki Singapore (Japanese groceries)

Don Don Donki Japanese Online Grocery Store in SIngapore
Image credit to: Don Don Donki Singapore

Don Don Donki in Singapore sells a wide variety of Japanese products to the local market at unbeatable prices. It is open 24/7, 365 day a year.

At Don Don Donki, you can enjoy the best sale prices on all kinds of products including groceries, food & beverages, kitchen utensils, home essentials and more.

If you want to explore Japanese products,  Don Don Donki online shop is good choice for you because of unique and exciting Japanese products online!

There are 5 popular Japanese products available as below at Don Don Donki online shop in Singapore. They are quite popular among our customers.

5 Popular Don Don Donki Foods and Beverages You Must Try:

Suntory Horoyoi Shochu With Soda

Snow White Pork Shabu Shabu (Collar)

Marutai Ramen

Mega Beef Bowl

Original Pork Tonkatsu (Loin)

Delivery Information:

The order will be delivered 2 days after the order is made, between 5 pm and 7 pm. The option to select timed deliveries is not available right now.

The delivery fee is waived if you purchase a minimum amount depending on items.

4. Thai Supermarket GMC (Thai groceries)

Thai Supermarket GMC in SIngapore
Image credit to: Thai Supermarket GMC

Thai Supermarket GMC (Thai) has been Singapore’s first Thai supermarket since 1985. The store is located in the heart of Little Thailand, Golden Mile Complex, Singapore

Thai Supermarket also provides its customers with a selection of Thai groceries at its online shop such as beverages, chips and crisps, seasonings and condiments, fresh and frozen food, biscuits, cookies & wafers, cooking paste & kit, bakery, seaweed and more.

If you are interested in Thai groceries, it’s worth checking out Thai Supermarket online shop since over a thousand customers rated Thai Supermarket products an average of 4.9 out of 5. There are 3 popular items from Thai Supermarket online shop as shown below.

3 Popular Thai Supermarket GMC Foods and Beverages You Must Try:

Pun Bun – Thai Crunchy Garlic/Butter Toast 

Chatramue – Instant Thai Tea Powder

2 Tubs of Greenland Carada – Rice Ball Nori Seaweed

Delivery Information:

The delivery fee is waived if you purchase a minimum amount depending on items.

5. Sing Sing Mart (Korean groceries)

Sing Sing Mart in Singapore
Image credit to: Sing Sing Mart

Sing Sing Mart has been distributing Korean products since 2012 in Singapore. Sing Sing Mart now brings Korean products to Singapore, so you don’t need to rely on your friends while they’re in Korea. If you want to buy Korean products, you can buy them from its local online store in Singapore.

There’s a range of Korean groceries available through its online store, such as instant noodles, rice & Kimchi, side dish, sea food, ready to eat food, sauce & powered, drink & snack and more.

5 Popular Sing Sing Mart Foods and Beverages You Must Try:

Korean Fish Cake Series

Korea Crispy Mozzarella Cheese Breaded Fish Cake

Korean Crab Marinated with Spicy or Soy Sauce

Boiled Corn Korean Food

Surasang Kimchi 600g/1.2kg/2.27kg Cabbage

Delivery Information:

Monday -Friday before 2pm, the orders will be shipped out next day. Friday after 2pm, the orders will be shipped out next Monday. Sunday and Public Holidays deliveries aren’t supported.

The delivery fee is waived if you purchase a minimum amount depending on items.

6. All India Supermarket (India groceries)

Image credit to: All India Supermarket

The All India Supermarket offers customers a large selection of high-quality products with an ultra-modern purchasing ambience. It is one of the famous supermarkets that sells a range of grocery products such as medical items, frozen products, cosmetics, fresh vegetables, spices, toys, household items, trolley bags, apparel & electronics, stationery, watches and much more.

There are at least thousands of customers who have taken the time to leave good reviews for All India Supermarket at Google. Customers say that “All India Supermarket is a one stop shopping place where you can get groceries.”

7.Open Taste

Open Taste in Singapore
Image credit to: Open Taste Singapore

OpenTaste is an online marketplace that connects you with fresh food suppliers. It offers a wide variety of products since it builds partnerships with over 200 farms and food manufacturers across 6 countries. The company is quick to deliver these products from the farm to consumers, and maintains low prices.

This is a global farmer’s market that connects consumers with food-maker and farmers.  Consumers can purchase seafood, pantry items, farm-fresh produce, dairy, meat and much more at wholesale price and receive products within 36 hours.

Deliver Information:

If you’re an OpenTaste Premium member, you can enjoy free delivery for all orders (include bulk orders) above $49 and provides 2% reward on all purchases.

8. Fish Mart Sakuraya (Japan groceries)

Fish Mart Sakuraya in Singapore
Image credit to: Fish Mart Sakuraya

Fish Mart Sakuraya has been a Japanese grocery store as a Japanese One-Stop Centre in Singapore for more than 30 years.

There are 4 branches of Fish Mart Sakuraya in Singapore. Each branch has both a supermarket and a restaurant to satisfy customers’ love for Japanese food.

A variety of Japanese foods, such as fresh sashimi, Shochu, Japanese Sake, authentic hand-made sushi, ice-cream, Titbits, beverages, daily essentials, fish and seafood, sweets and snacks are available in each branch. The fresh sashimi sold by Fish Mart Sakuraya is directly imported from Japan. People who live in Singapore can enjoy the authentic Japanese cuisine.

Popular Fish Mart Sakuraya Foods and Beverages You Must Try:

fresh sashimi

authentic hand-made sushi

Deliver Information:

It delivers orders to your home from Monday to Saturday with the earliest time slot at 11am – 1pm and the last time slot being 5pm-6pm.

There is no delivery service from Fish Mart Sakuraya on Sundays and public holidays.

9. Shine Korea

Image credit to: Shine Korea

The popularity of Korean culture is growing rapidly in Singapore. Shine Korea serves to meet the demand for those who are interested in the Korean products. Shine Korea provides a source of Korean products directly imported from Korea.

Their team is constantly coming up with new products to better reflect what is available in the Korean market. There’s a large variety of products in the store, including noodles, confectionery, beverages, canned foods, alcohol , frozen food and much more.

To meet consumer need, it also provide range of products from Asian countries, China, Malaysia and Vietnam to experience its products and culture.

5 Popular Shine Korea Foods and Beverages You Must Try:

Binggrae Banana Milk

Ottogi Jin Jjambbong Ramen

Yopokki Sweet and Spicy Rice Cake With Sauce

Binggrae Strawberry Flavoured Milk

Binggrae Melon Flavored Milk

Deliver Information:

The delivery fee is waived if you purchase a minimum amount.

10. Mei-di Ya Supermarket (Japan groceries)

MeiDi-Ya in Singapore
Image credit to: Emicakes (Premium D24 Durian Cake)

The MEIDI-YA Supermarket in Singapore is an overseas branch of MEIDI-YA MEIDI-YA imports a wide variety of fresh food directly from Japan.

Its online shop offers a unique shopping experience that immerses customers in Japanese culture. To ensure customer satisfaction,  Meidi-ya focus on offering a wide range of authentic Japanese products such as meat, fish , vegetables, fruits, chilled food, dairy fresh food, noodles, beverage etc from international brands with good quality of services.

Delivery Information:

Please choose a time slot and its delivery date and time may change after the delivery cut-off time of 2 pm.

11. Korya Mart(Korean groceries)

Korya Mart in SIngapore
Image credit to: Korya Mart

Koryo Mart sells a wide range of everyday products, including teas, energy drink, cocoa and canned foods, dairy food, baby food, fresh kimchi and more.

You can start stockpiling your favourite snacks over the weekends at 8 outlets or its online shop in Singapore. Here are 5 popular foods and beverages through Korya Mart online shop.

5 Popular Koryo Mart Foods and Beverages You Must Try:

Olban Mozza Cheddar Cheese Hot-Dog

Nongshim Chapaguri Cup

Kooksoondang Rice Wine

Nongshim Angry Chapaguri Cup

Lotte Chum Churum Fruit Soju Yogurt


Delivery Information:

Home delivery is only available from Monday to Friday between 10am and 2pm.

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