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How convertible debt works with simple explained example | 2024 Investor’s Guide

How convertible debt works

A start-up company without a credit history doesn’t have an established track record and therefore lacks credibility with conventional lenders such as banks. Therefore, most start-up companies prefer to raise fund from investors. In order to raise fund via equity, most start-up companies need to calculate their face value. But, at the beginning stage of companies, it is impossible to figure out and calculate the business value. So, the convertible debt notes were primarily created to help start-up companies raise fund.

What to invest in Singapore: The Only Guide You Need | 2024 Guide

What to invest in Singapore

“What to invest in Singapore?” is big question to all Singaporean and people who live in Singapore since the inflation rate gradually increases over bank deposit interest rate and salary increment rate. So, even though how hard you work in Singapore, the inflation rate gradually “eats” your hard-earn money in your bank account if you don’t invest your money and generate cash flow in the long term.