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Induction Cooker Electricity Consumption in Singapore | 2024 Guide

Induction Cooker Electricity Consumption in Singapore

The power and electricity consumption of an induction cooktop depends on number of burners, how long you use it and its watts specified on the device. Nowadays, there are induction cookers with either four or two or one burners in Singapore.  The more burners you always use daily, the more electricity a cooktop consumes, the higher its electricity consumption is. For example, if a label on the device mentions 4kW and you use it for one hour, then it will use 4 units of electricity.

When you’re looking to buy an induction cooker in Singapore, kindly make sure to check its label or its production description and specification with the maximum power consumption. Every induction cooker has a label with a maximum consumption power. If you want to measure the estimated electricity consumed by any electrical device including an induction cooktop, you can use this electricity usage monitor.