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When is Durian Season Singapore 2024?

When is Durian Season in Singapore

Durian season 2021 starts in Singapore now. Durian sellers now offer durian delivery to your doorstep so you can enjoy eating durians with your family in Singapore during this durian season.

The durian season in Singapore is likely to last until August. You can check out here if you want to know more about the different types of durian season in Singapore.

The epidemic has made most of us cautious because of the restrictions regarding public gatherings, and it has been hard to socialize normally.

Having different types of durians with your family might not be all that bad. Especially if you have something yummy to eat at home.

The timing of our recent easing of measures coincided with the start of the mid-year durian season. Some durian stalls offer durian deliveries so that you can have durian parties at home with your family.