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4 Big Takeaways from Jack Neo Speech in Singapore

Jack Neo Singapore

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17 Big Takeaways & Mind Blowing Speaking from Gary Vaynerchuk in Asia (Singapore, Malaysia)

Gary Vaynerchuk Singapore

Gary Vaynerchuk is well known the international author, speaker, entrepreneur. At the age 14, He started to join his family’s wine business and renamed its business as Wine Library TV, launched its ecommerce online sale business from $3mils to $60mils a year by 2005. He is well known for his work in internet marketing and social media, leading well known based business VaynerMedia and VaynerX in US.

Closely-Guarded Secret to Manifest Your Own Destiny

Manifest Your Own Destiny

Human nature is so dynamic that one can actually create their own destiny because of the reality that life is indeed in a constant change. The key to making or creating your own destiny is to know exactly where you want to go and learning the steps as you go along the way. Life is always about developing and responding to new things and you alone has the power to create your own story and the direction you want to pursue. This is called a choice and you opt to change your destiny by choice.

6 Simple Ways How to Get Rid of Laziness and Procrastination

How to get rid of laziness and procrastination

Getting things done is not very easy to some people. This is because the habit of being lazy and procrastinating intrudes in life and makes it difficult for to perform important tasks during the day. Fortunately, this malady can be controlled and prevented from being chronic.
Here are very 6 simple ways on how to overcome laziness and procrastination:

4 Quick and Easy Ways How To Avoid Procrastination And Laziness

How to avoid procrastination and laziness

Laziness and procrastination are indeed problems that afflict a huge number of people. Many want to be very productive every day but do not have any idea how to do it. In many cases, the problem lies with overcoming these issues. People put off or procrastinate doing things for a variety of reasons. In many cases, laziness is one of such reasons and can be attributed to a lack of reason or motivation. Other causes include fear of failure, lack of self-confidence, and health concerns. When one is able to overcome laziness and procrastination, it will be easier to be become productive and get things done right away. Here’re 4 easy ways to stop procrastination and laziness when you start up your own business or investment:

Tony Fernandes Airasia Biography | Tony’s Story And Mindset

Tony Fernandes Airasia Biogrpahy Singapore

Tony Fernandes, who is the well known entrepreneur of first introduced budget airline, AirAsia as a CEO of AirAsia Group. At his younger age, he studies in England and graduated with his Accounting degree. After graduation, he worked with Virgin founded by Richard Branson as a auditor and subsequently became a financial controller before he joined Warner Music International London as a Senior Financial Analyst. Until the Time….

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