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Best Folding Bikes in SIngaproe
Image credit to @begasso_sg

19 Best Folding Bikes in Singapore 2024

Foldable bikes are a popular and often overlooked cycling option that many people should consider. Foldable bikes are often a good option for people who don’t have a lot of storage space. Maybe your apartment or HDB flat in Singapore may not have enough space for your possessions.

The folding bike is great for most commuters in Singapore who may be taking a train, several flights of steps, and an elevator on their commute.

Foldable bikes make it possible to transport your bike with you, and they can be used for a variety of reasons. The following is a list of the best foldable bicycles in Singapore and you can use these guidelines to look for your favourite folding bike.

19 Best Folding Bikes in Singapore

1. Schwinn S2278C Hinge Adult Folding Bike

The Schwinn Hinge folding bike can accommodate a wide range of riders weighing up to 220 pounds. It is an excellent folding bike with a durable frame, convenient folding system, and 20-inch wheels.

Schwinn Hinge is a very convenient bike because it’s easy to fold,  carry, and store. It is made to be your go-to mode of transportation.

This bike is ready to be assembled. The Schwinn Hinge folding bike also comes with full-wrap fenders which is a great plus because it will keep you clean.

This folding bike is perfect for  city riders, urban commuters and cycling lovers who need a smaller bike that’s easy to store in the office or in crowded public transport. To get your bike, order it online now!

The reasons to buy this:

20-inch Wheels

Single or 7-Speed Drivetrain

Rear Carry Rack

Carrying Bag

Multiple Colours

Maximum rider weight of 220 pounds

And much more

2. Euromini ZiZZO Campo Foldable Bike

EuroMini Zizzo Campo folding bike

The EuroMini Zizzo Campo folding bike is the ideal lightweight, aluminum-framed folding bike for your commute in Singapore. This bike folds in seconds and easy to carry.

With a rust-resistant coating on the chain and 7-speed cassette, you can enjoy riding comfortable and safe.

The V-Brakes provide the bike with strong stopping power you need when you ride it.

The EuroMini Zizzo Campo folding bike is perfect for cycling lovers who are looking for a lightweight and convenient way to ride, wherever you want to go! In the online shop the folding bike already waits for you to take it home!

The reasons to buy this:

Wheel Size:20 Inches

Brake Style:Cantilever

Number of Speeds: 7

Rider Height – 4.8-6.3 inches.

Gear inches – Low 34.9. High 70

And much more

3. Zizzo Urbano Folding Bike

EuroMini Urbano Folding Bike

The Zizzo Urbano is just as well-suited on the road and on the trail. The Zizzo Urbano is a unique bicycle specifically designed to get you around town in style.

It’s composed of Super Light Weight Aluminum Alloy for fork, frame, handlebar, seat post, stem, kick stand, chain, v-style brake, front & rear hub and crank set.

Zizzo Urbano Folding Bike is the lightest folding bike for cycling lovers due to its high quality aluminium alloy fram. It is easy to carry on public transport. Visit Zizzo store and order it online now.

The reasons to buy this:

Wheel Size: 20 Inches

Brake Style :Linear Pull

Number of Speeds: 8

Suspension Type: Rigid

And much more

4. Begasso Foldable Moutain Bicycle 21-Speed

The Begasso 21-speed bike gives you the stability of a larger bicycle with the convenience and portability of a folding bike. You can ride on obstacles and bumpy ground with large 26-inch or 24-inch wheel

The bicycle has a disc brake for reliable braking and 21 speeds to help you navigate rough terrain.

Get yours online today and enjoy pedalling on trails and rough terrain.

The reasons to buy this:

Size options : 26/24/20

Tire type : Full spokes / 3 Blades

Brake type : Disc brakes

Speeds : 21 speeds

Suspension : Dual mode (Mountain Bike)

5. Begasso 20-inch SHIMANO 21-Speed Folding Mountain Bike

20-inch Bagesso Folding Bike

The Begasso 20-inch foldable bike is an 21-speed environmentally mountain bike. Featuring 21-speed SHIMANO ST-EF51 set 3×7 speed shifter, along with SHIMANO TZ front and rear derailleur, this bike is suitable for most terrain, trail, PCN, hilly area, off-road and beach

It also features Disc brake, making this bike a great choice for your outdoor adventure!

Visit its online store now and get a great deal today.

The reasons to buy this:

21-speed SHIMANO ST-EF51 set 3×7 Speed Shifter

SHIMANO TZ Front and Rear Derailleur

Dual Disc Braking System

Full-Suspension System

High Carbon Steel Body Frame

Adjustable Seat Post

Quick Release Front Wheel

And Much More

6. Euromini Zizzo Forte Folding Bicycle

Euromini Forte Folding Bike Singapore

The Euromini Zizzo Forte is the strongest bike in the Euromini line. If you’re a plus sized cyclist, the Fort is perfect for you. It’s designed for people with a higher maximum weight capacity.

The frame, seat post, handlebar , crack set, V-style brakeskickstand, frond & rear hub, front & rear fenders, cargo rack and stem are made of strong and light weight aluminum alloy, which makes the bike very durable.

The stem can be adjusted, so the bike is suitable for riders from under 5 feet to over 6 feet 3.

This folding bicycle is perfect for any cyclist who wants something lightweight, easy to fold and travel with. Get it online now.

The reasons to buy this:

Strong 300lb. capacity

Wheel size: 20 inches

Suspension Type: Rigid

Number of Speed: 7

Brake Style: Linear Pull

And much more

7. Schwinn Loop Folding Adult Bike

Schiwinn Loop Folding Bike SIngapore

Schwinn Loop Folding Adult Bike, a commuter-style bike with seven speeds and a rear cargo rack for hauling groceries or other activities. The rear carrier on this bike includes a detachable bag for easy transport.

Adult commuters can now enjoy the fast, smooth-riding performance of this bike that folds quickly and easily, saving them the headache of finding a place to put it. No need to worry about your bike being stolen, just fold it up and bring it indoors with you.

When you’re ready to ride, just unfold the bike, load your stuff and go. When you get to your destination, just fold it up and bring it in with you. You can even bring it on a train or bus too in Singapore.

Perfect for daily commuters, recreational riders and anyone who wants an foldable bike that’s easy to store or travel. Visit Schwinn shop and order it online now!

The reasons to buy this:

Perfect for rider from 56 to 74 inches tall

Rear cargo rack for easy storage

Wheel size: 20 inches

Suspension Type: Rigid

Number of Speed: 7

And much more

8. Max4out Mountain Folding Bike

Max4Out Mountain Folding Bike Singapore

Max4out Mountain Folding Bike is durable and stable with the combination of high carbon steel material frame and excellent welding technology.

With a quick-release clamp, it’s easy to fold and stow in your car trunk or in a corner of your apartment.  26-inch six-spoke fashion rims make these mountain bikes look more fashionable, safer and faster.

It has 21-speed shifters with 21 speeds, a rear derailleur and dual suspension systems and handles hilly terrains without problems. When you change gears ,it’s done smoothly.

With all-terrain, wide, knobby mountain tires, these bikes can handle a variety of different surfaces. The front and rear alloy linear pull brakes provide you with convenient stopping power during sudden emergencies.

Get it online today and enjoy the fun and exciting adventure of riding a bike, wherever you may be.

The reasons to buy this:

Quick release clamp

Wheel size: 20 inches

Number of Speeds: 21Speed Shimano Shifter

Suspension Type: Rear

Frame Material: Carbon Steel

And much more

9. Outroad Mountain Folding Bike 6-Spoke 21-Speed 26-inch Wheel

Outroad Mountain Folding Bike 6 Spore 21 Speed 26 inch Wheel Singapore

Outroad foldable mountain bike has 26-inch wheels and 17-inch frame. It has 6-spoke rims that provide you with greater safety and efficiency when riding.

This folding bike with a high-carbon steel dual suspension frame features 21-speed gears . The 21-speed gears on this bike allow you to change the gear by simply moving your finger, so you can easily select a gear for any type of terrain.

This  mountain folding bike comes with front and rear disc brakes. The front and rear disc brakes help keep the cyclist safe and give you more control of stopping on slippery roads.The bike weighs 39Lbs. The recommended rider height is 5.3′ – 6.0′, is a good indication of the bike’s comfort level.

Get your hands on the Outroad Mountain Folding Bike today and you’ll never stop riding it. Order it online now via its shop.

The reasons to buy this:

Wheel size: 26 inches

Number of speed: 21

Frame material: Carbon steel

Brake style: Disc

And much more

10. IDS unYOUsual U Transformer Folding Bike

IDS Unyousual U Transformer Folding Bike Singapore

This 20-inch IDS folding bicycle is specifically designed for commuting and exercising. This bike has Shimano 6 speed shifter and derailleur give you six different shift-speed options.

This bike features front and rear V-brakes, which are made from a semi-alloy and is equipped with 20” x 1.75 tires for speedy acceleration.

The transformer 20″ folding city bike weights around 32 lb. and is lightweight and easy to be carried around and stored in small-space area.

It is one of the best city bikes that can be easily carried around. Perfect for cycling enthusiast and commuter. Get it online today.

The reasons to buy this:

Lightweight and easy to carry.

Installed rear rack

Wheel size: 20 inches

Number of speed: 6

Frame material: Steel

Brake style: Linear Pull

And much more

11. Vilano Urbana Single Speed Folding Bike

Vilano Urbana Single Speed Folding Bike SIngapore

The Vilano Urbana is the perfect, lightweight, easy-to-ride commuter bike! The Vilano Urbana is easy to fold and stow in a corner of HDB apartment or office in Singapore, so it’s great for city commuters.

This folding bike needs very little maintenance. The saddle is comfortable and the rack and water bottle mounts give you a convenient place to carry water bottle or items. Visit its online shop for more details and get it online today.

The reasons to buy this:

Low maintenance

Lightweight and easy to carry.

Wheel size: 20 inches

Number of speed: 1

Frame material: Aluminum

Brake style: Coaster

And much more

12. G4/G6 Eurobike Mountain Folding Bike

Eurobike G4/G6 Mountain Folding Bike Singapore

G4/G6 Eurobike mountain bikes are designed to be easy to carry, operate, and store.

Front forks and rear suspensions can soften the bumps of an uneven road surface so you feel more comfortable when you’re riding.

The front and rear disc brakes allow you to stop the bike quickly and ride it safety.

Visit its shop now and get a great deal today.

The reasons to buy this:

Wheel size: 26 inches

Number of speed: 21

Frame material: Steel

Brake style: Disc

And much more

13. G7 Eurobike Mountain Folding Bike

Eurobike G7 Mountain Folding Bike Singapore

With wide and multi-tooth tires, this G7 Eurobike mountain folding bike can provide good grip.  The mountain bike also has shock absorbers to absorb shocks. With front and rear shock absorbers, the frame is firm and strong and the riding is even more comfortable.

In addition, when riding a dual suspension folding mountain bike, you aren’t confined by roads, and you can go wherever you want.

The 21-speed transmission system is designed to make it easy for you to travel on a variety of road conditions and weather. Order it online today.

The reasons to buy this:

Wheel size: 27.5 inches

Number of speed: 21

Frame material: Steel

Brake style: Disc

And much more

14. Hachiko HA-02 20-inch Foldable Bike

Hachiko HA-02 20-inch Foldable Bike Singapore

The Hachiko HA-02 20-inch folding bicycle comes with DISC brakes for a safer ride. It is also suitable to fit 2 folding bikes in car boot. This bicycle’s structure allows you to transport it in the train, bus, subway, taxi, etc. without any difficulties too.

This 20-inch Hachiko Foldable Bike comes with Shimano shifters, rear derailleur and gear to let you ride at your preferred speed.

Visit its shop for more details and get a great deal today.

The reasons to buy this:

20-inch Folding Bike

DISC Brake

Shimano Shifters, Rear Derailleur and Gear

And much more

15. Dahon D6 20-inch Folding Bike

Dahon D6 20-inch Folding Bike Singapore

The Dahon D6 20-inche bike is a portable and versatile bike that can be folded or unfolded with ease, perfect for any occasion. It can be folded up and stored with minimal effort at home or work, making it the most convenient biking solution. It is a great choice for a commuter with a tight schedule because it quickly folds up and can get you from one place to another in no time at all.

The Dahon D6 is a good way to get out and play. It’s stable enough for quick maneuvers, and it folds up nicely. Get yours online today.

The reasons to buy this:

Wheel size: 20-inch

Speed level:6 speed

Frame material: High carbon steel

Brake Type: Front and rear wheel with brake

And much more

16. Hachiko HA-04 Folding Bike

Hachiko HA-04 Folding Bike Singapore

The Hachiko HA-04 comes with an aluminium frame. Its seat post, handlebar, crankset and rims are also made of aluminium. Hachiko HA-04 has disc brakes for the front and rear wheels, and that makes it safer.  The bike can support riders weighing up to 110kg. Visit its shop for more detail and order it today.

The reasons to buy this:

Loading capacity: 110kg

Brakes: Front & Rear DISC Brake

Wheel Size: 20-inch

And much more

17. Hito X6 (Upgraded)

Hito X6 (Upgraded) Folding Bike Singapore

The Upgraded Hito X6 bicycle is the only foldable model of Hito bicycles, with a magnesium-aluminium frame, which makes it very light. As part of the upgrade, the following accessories are included: mudguards, lock, bell, lights and the user manual.

The current iteration lets you fold up the bicycle so that it fits in the trunk of public transport. The upgraded hito x6 is using Shimano groupset, equipped with aluminium non-foldable pedals.

Order the upgraded version of Hito X6 online today and use the chance to upgrade your cycling experience..

The reason to buy this:

Upgraded Hito X6 folding bike

51-cm Magnesium Aluminum Frame

7-speed Shifter Shimano Groupset

And much more

18. Hachiko HA-03 Folding Bike

Hachiko HA-03 Folding Bike Singapore

The Hachiko HA-03 comes with a frame of the material – aluminium alloy. The Hachiko HA-03 Folding Bike has front and rear V brakes ensure you safe and smooth riding wherever. The HA-03 is designed for adult riders who are 120cm to 170cm tall and up to 110kg in weight. Visit its website for more details and order it online today

The reasons to buy this:

Number of Speed: 6 speed

Hachiko 14-inch Folding bike

Aluminium Alloy

Rider weight: up to 110kg

And much more…

19. Hito X4 (Upgraded) Folding Bike

Hito X4 (Upgraded) Folding Bike Singapore

The  20-inch, Hito X4 (Upgraded) foldable bike features Shimano shifters, gear and rear derailleur. Its frame is made of aluminium. This folding bike is able to fit in the boot of a car or be brought along in public transport.  It is perfect for commuters. It’s ideal for a healthy family lifestyle. Get it online today!

The reasons to buy this:

20-inch Aluminium Frame upgraded Hito X4 foldable bike

Shimano shifters, rear deraileur & gear

Aluminium non-foldable pedals

And much more…

Here’re the benefits of owning a foldable bike:

6 benefits of owning a folding bike in Singapore

  • The ability to easily switch between cycling and public transportation gives you a lot of flexibility.
  • If you have limited space, it’s important to consider how easily a bike can be folded and stored.
  • Safety of not having to lock it outside. The ability to fit under most desks allows for wide use of a folding bike, particularly in workplaces.
  • It can be folded to fit in an airplane luggage compartment or a car trunk. So, you can bring your folding bike with you on your vacation.
  • An ideal choice for those who enjoy light touring and want to take a train, boat, or other means of transportation easily.
  • The multitude of folding bikes available can be overwhelming. Here are some tips for choosing the best bike for you.

13 tips how to choose a right folding bike in Singapore

1. 3-Speed vs 8 Speed

If you’re looking for a bike with multiple speed options, you’ll wonder why you don’t just get a folding bike with all the speeds. In order to decide between a 3-speed and an 8-speed bike, it’s important to determine your riding habits.

With a 3-speed bike, you’ll spend less time maintaining your bike and you get a more comfortable ride. 3-speed bikes are easier to shift gears. You can shift gears whether you’re pedaling or stopped.

If you pick a 8-speed bike that has gears, you’ll have to get used to adjusting them as you pedal. 8-speed bikes are better than single speed or 3-speed bikes when you carry heavy loads across town.

If you intend to ride on unpaved terrain heavily, an 8-speed bike is better.

2. Performance

Highly performing folding bikes feel as laterally stiff as a regular bike, making them just as fun to ride.

A folding bike with a big wheel size is not necessarily a good one! The frame design, the stiffness of handle-post and parts are the three most important elements in selecting a folding bike.

3. Size & Fit Comfortably

A lot of folding bikes don’t even come in more than one frame size. This is perfect if you are of average height and not overly picky. The size and fit will determine how you use your folding bike. If you’re going to be doing lots of long distance riding, you want to make sure that the folding bike fits well.

4. Weight

Folding bike weight is not important for performance but having a lightweight bike is certainly nice for carrying around.

5. Folding Speed

If you’re folding and unfolding your bike multiple times per day, a quick-fold design will save you a lot of time. Quick folding bikes will take 10 seconds, whereas slower folding bikes will take 10 minutes or more to disassemble.

6. Gear ratios

Folding bikes usually have fewer gears. The riding you’ll be doing will determine the type of bike you should get. Not all places are flat in Singapore, so your bike should have some low gears to get up the hills. You can use gear inches to measure the gear ratios of folding bikes.

We recommend a gear of about 25 inches to handle most gradients. The top gear of a 70-inch folding bike is fine for city riding. For a higher-performing folding bike, you’ll want more than 100 inches.

7. Folded Size

Wheel diameter is often directly proportional to fold size. As the litres volume increase around 100 cubic litres, the wheel diameter of your bike increases,

i) 16″ Wheels

89 litres volume585mm x 565mm x 270 mm (23″ x 22.2″ x 10.6″)

ii.) 20″ Wheels

173 litres volume660mm x 820mm x 320 mm (26” x 32.3” x 12.6”)

iii.) 26″ Wheels

277 litres volume – 810mm x 900mm x 380 mm (31.9″ x 35.4″ x 15″) 

8. Wheel size

There are five different wheel sizes for folding bikes: 16, 20, 24, 26 and 27.5″ sizes.

You should determine what you’ll use the folding bike for and how much budget you can afford before choosing a wheel size. The more frequently you’ll be using public transport, the better it is to go smaller and more convenient. If you’re getting a bike for long-distance performance, then you’ll want one with larger wheels and a wider gear range.

9. Tyres

When upgrading your folding bike, the first thing to upgrade should be the tyres. With puncture resistant tires, you’ll be able to enjoy your trip without worrying about getting a flat tire.

10. Internally geared hubs

One way to simplify a folding bike drivetrain is to use an internally geared hub. When you have gears located inside the rear wheel, that makes them less vulnerable to damage.

11. Front Derailleur

In this video, you’ll find a basic understanding of how front derailleurs work.

12. Rear Derailleur

The rear derailleur is the part of the cycle that shifts the chain at the rear sprockets.

In this video, you’ll discover a basic understanding of how rear derailleurs work.

13. Price

If you’re looking for a bike for commuting, a folding bike might be a viable option because you can get away with spending. This is because you’ll be covering shorter distances and probably have less stuff to carry.

Generally, more money gets you better design. The folding bike that’s lighter, more compact, and higher performing

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Are they as easy to ride as ordinary bicycles?

The smaller wheels  and a lower surface area on a folding bike tend to accelerate faster than those on a conventional bike.

If you're commuting to work, a folding bike could make your journey quicker and save your time. If you use it for recreation, then you can enjoy your ride less effort and more relaxed.

2. Is a folding bike a good option for beginners?

Folding bikes are ideal if you want a bike for urban commuting and errands in the city but don't have much space. One of the best things about a folding bike in Singapore is that you can fold and carry it on your commute.

3. Are folding bikes less durable than other kinds of bicycles?

Folding bicycles have a weight capacity, and you should not exceed that limit. It's important to know the weight capacity of your folding bike. Folding bikes have to be structurally strong and durable too. If you treat them well, they won't break easily.

4. Is it worth buying a folding bike for exercise?

Folding bikes are great for more than losing weight, they're great for athletes in training too since cycling is extremely popular.

5. Can I ride a folding bike and go uphill?

When considering how well a folding bike can ride up hills, the gear inches are important. Typically, the gear inches are as wide as those of a standard bicycle, so it can definitely ride uphill.

6. Are folding bikes comfortable enough for longer rides?

If your main purpose of getting a bike is getting around the city, it's probably best to get a folding bike. The folding bikes with a range of gear speeds are better for hilly terrain and riding long distance.

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