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Is Ebike Allowed in Singapore

Is Ebike Allowed in Singapore? | Ebike Buyers’ Guide

Want to get an ebike and wondering about any regulations in Singapore? If you’re planning to get an ebike in  Singapore, there are a few things that you should know about. In Singapore, ebike or electric bicycle is classified as Power Assisted Bicycle (PAB) under the Active Mobility Act. Although an ebike is basically a bicycle, an ebike comes with an electric motor and a battery to give riders a bit of help. Because of this, an ebike can accelerate faster than a bicycle. Due to these reasons, there are new rules and restrictions to it regarding the use of e-bikes in Singapore. Here are 8 things you need to take into consideration before you buy an ebike in Singapore.

1. You must be at least 16-years old to use a PAB.

If you’re purchasing your first ebike, one thing that may surprise you is the age restriction. People under the age of 16 years are not allowed to ride on an ebike as a rider or pillion. You also cannot use an ebike to take your kids to school or loan it to a younger one. This age restriction is in place to ensure that the rider has reached a certain level of maturity and can safely operate an ebike on the road.

2. Compulsory theory test

In Singapore, ebike riders must sit for and pass a mandatory theory test governed by both Acts and administered by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) Singapore before they can ride it on roads, shared paths and cycling paths. They are not allowed to be used on footpaths.

This theory test allows Power Assisted Bicycle (PAB) riders to learn about both road and path safety so they can follow active mobility rules, pre-journey and equipment check, safe riding behavior and a code of conduct.

3. Type-approved, sealed and registered

Before PABs can be used on cycling paths and public roads in Singapore, they should be type-approved, sealed, registered and affixed with LTA seal of approval as well as rear number of plate . You can only register PABs that meet all the technical requirements:

  • A PAB must be similar to the construction of conventional bicycle.
  • Only an electric source powers up the PAB.
  • Electric-assisted bikes need to adhere to European Standard EN15194.
  • The maximum power output of a PAB cannot exceed 250 watts .
  • When the rider starts to pedal, the motor power cuts in.
  • Until the ebike reaches 25km/h or stop pedaling, the motor power of PAB must be reduced or cut off.
  • The weight of the PAB should not exceed 20kg.
  • The PAB can’t have start-up assistance feature or throttle.

Once you buy a PAB from a seller, the seller will transfer ownership of the PAB to your name. If you make unregistered PAB order online, you need to bring it for type-approval, sealing and registration at any LTA AIC (Appointed Inspection Centre).

Other than this, it’s important to wear protective gear when riding a PAB in Singapore.

PAB Public Paths in Singapore

4. At least one functioning handbrake

Effective from September, all bicycles used on public paths and roads will also be required to have at least one functioning handbrake.

5. Helmets are mandatory

For ebike riders and their pillion, it is mandatory to wear a helmet when riding an ebike in Singapore. Additionally, it is mandatory to switch on a front light and rear light in the dark environment.

All ebike riders must ride their ebike safely in order to safeguard themselves and other people sharing the roads. Every user should take responsibility for building a sharing path culture in Singapore.

6. Illegal to modify an ebike in Singapore

The modification of ebike is against the rules and regulations. Any modifications might make it unsafe for the riders, pedestrians and road users too.  Therefore, the law forbids any kind of modified ebikes in Singapore. If you’re modifying your e-bike, or simply riding it on the road, then you can expect to receive a fine. Therefore, before buying the third party battery pack to your ebike, please think carefully about this.

7. Which path, or lane, is ebike allowed to use in Singapore

Before you buy a first ebike, it ‘s important to get to know which paths and lanes the ebike is allowed to ride in Singapore. Electric bicycles are legally allowed to be used on roads, cycling paths, park connector networks and shared paths except the pedestrian pathways.

For those who want to ride on pedestrian pathways, the conventional bicycle you can consider can be a good option.

8. Transfer ebike to you within 7-day

Every registered ebike is tagged to an owner or company or association. After you purchased ebike from a seller, you must make sure that the seller starts the process of transferring your ebike to you via LTA onemotoring within 7 calendar days. On the other hands, you have 5 calendar days to confirm the transfer after you login the LTA onemotoring. Upon confirmation, you have to pay S$11 non-refundable transfer fee to LTA via onemotering in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question 1: Is it legal to ride an ebike on a pedestrian pathway after you switch off the power of ebike?

No, e-bikes are not allowed on a pedestrian pathway in Singapore even though you switch off the power of ebike. Because of the rule, ebike riders are required to dismount and push it on pedestrian pathways.

Question 2: Can I remove the battery and ride an ebike on the pedestrian pathway in Singapore?

Since there is a motor on an ebike,  the ebike cannot be classified as a conventional bicycle.  It’s not allowed to ride the ebike on the pedestrian pathway too, so you have to dismount and push it.

Question 3: Can I register the ebike under my parent’s name as I am the one that use it most of the time?

E-bikes are approved and legal in Singapore. As long as you register under a company, organisation or person, you’ll be fine. Once the ebike is registered, please make sure the person aged 16 and above rides this ebike pass the theory test.

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