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Best Dash Cameras in Singapore

21 Best Car Dash Cameras in Singapore 2024

Car crashes can leave you in a confusing situation. Having the testimony of other witnesses helps avoid. In a collision situation, you may find yourself relying on the accounts of witnesses to figure out what happened in Singapore.

The best way to protect yourself during a collision against a hit-and-run accidents, theft or accident in Singapore is to install a dash camera. A dash cam, in-car camera or car recorder is a video camera that records footage while you are driving or parking.

Having footage from your dash cam can offer lots of benefits, such as helping you understand why an accident occurred and prove that you weren’t at fault.

Most dash cams record in at least 1080p resolution. By having a dash cam that records in at least 1080p video resolution, you will be able to see details on the road in Singapore. We’ll go over some of the features you should consider when choosing a dash cam. We’ll also talk about what those features. You’ll learn about the major features that are of concern when choosing a dash cam, how they work too.

Table of Contents

The basic guide how to choose a right dash cam for your automobile in Singapore

1. The coverage of front-facing camera

When choosing the best dash cam for your car, you’ll want to think about the angle of view of the front-facing camera. The wider field of view catches more cars, animals and people on the side of the road.

Best Dash Cameras in Singapore Angle Coverage

2. The dash camera frame rate

For the device to be able to record while in motion, it mustn’t skip frames or suffer from too much motion blur. Higher frame rates are usually better. As a rule, avoid buying dash cameras that have low frame rates. One must ensure you have a car camera that records with an average of 30 frames per second. When shopping for a dash cam, look for the highest rate of frames per second (fps) you can afford.

Best Dash Cameras in Singapore Frame Rate

3. Built-in Wi-Fi module

Some dash cams have a built in Wi-Fi feature that allows you to connect to the device with your phone via the app so that you can review videos and manage video files, and back up the important videos on the phone or hard drive  or by emailing them to related parties.

A small number of dash cams have the ability to stream video live to the cloud and allow for live monitoring over the Internet via smartphone app.

Best Dash Cam in Singapore Smart Phone App

4. G-Sensor

You probably don’t really need to capture audio in the event of an accident, A single-sensor camera will work for most drivers. One example of a useful failsafe to look for is emergency recording. To ensure that critical dash cam footage is never overwritten or lost, a g-sensor is used to detect sudden shocks.

Best Dash Cameras in Singapore G-sensor

5. Operating temperature of the dash camera

It’s important to check the temperature rating of your car camera, especially if you live in a hot climate like Singapore climate. When purchasing a dash camera, you’ll need to decide whether or not it is designed to withstand the summer heat in a sealed car in Singapore.

6. GPS tracking

GPS tracking is a helpful feature. The software will usually provide information about your speed and your location.

Best Dash Cam in Singapore GPS Logging

7. Driver monitoring

If you want to track somebody’s driving habits, you may want to get a device with both on-board video and audio recording capability or a device with dual-view cameras, so you can monitor for distracted driving.

Dual-camera dash cams that monitor both the inside and outside of a vehicle at the same time. One to record forward through the windshield and the other to record the passenger. The rear-facing camera will have a wide field of view to capture the driver and passengers. Some dash cams feature Night Mode or IR night vision which allows the dash cam to capture video in dark area.

Best Dash Cameras in Singapore Cabin Daylight
Best Dash Cameras in Singapore Cabin Night

8. Built-in screen with the dash camera

Some dash cams have built-in screens, which allow you to change settings and view recorded video. Many dash cams have minimal built-in storage so it relies on an SD card to save video. If you want to view your dashcam footage on a larger screen, you can remove the SD card and use a PC reader to read it on your own.

9. Memory card

Get a dash cam that can accept a larger size of memory card so you can keep important dash cam footage. To help protect your dashboard camera’s footage, make sure you transfer it to your computer often because it overwrites videos once they’re full.

Now that you know what features to look for, you can use this guideline to look for your favourite dash cam.

21 Best Car Cameras in Singapore

1. 70mai Car Dash Cam A500S

70MAI Car Dash Cam A500S

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Equipped with advanced driver-assistance systems, this dash cam can detect when you get too close to the car ahead  or drift from your lane and will alert you of potential safety issues.

1944P Ultra Full HD Dash Cam with 140° wide angle

70Mai Car Dash Cam Pro Plus+ A500S, with its 2-inch screen featuring a super-high resolution of 1944P compared to most 1080P dash cams, captures road signs, license plates and other small details on the road. With a 140-degree field of view, this dash cam lets you monitor more lanes with fewer blind spots.

3D DNR and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

The 70Mai Car Dash Cam A500S features 3D DNR and WDR (wide dynamic range), which produce images with less noise and better exposure balance in low-light or high-contrast environments by automatically adjusting the exposure balance.

Reasons to buy this:

2.7k Ultra Full HD

ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance System)

Built in Wi-Fi & GPS


App Control via iOS/ Android App

And much more…

2. 70mai Car Dash Cam A800S

70Mai Car Dash Cam A800S

4K UHD Super High Resolution Dash Cam with Wide-Angle 140° FOV

As the industry’s highest resolution dash cam, the 70mai Dash Cam 4K A800S captures video in Ultra-HD (4K) resolution – 3840x2160P super high, providing crystal-clear footage of everything when you’re on the highway. With a wide-angle 140° FOV, the camera captures all lanes and reduces blind spots.

ADAS System

Equipped with LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) and FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System),  this dash cam alerts you to potential dangers, such as when you get too close to the car ahead or when you’re drifting out of lane.

Advanced Sony IMX415 Image Sensor & Powerful Night Vision Capability

The dash cam 4K A800S uses a Sony image sensor to deliver outstanding performance in low-light situations, approximately 3.3 times better than conventional cameras.The dash cam’s 3D DNR technology and AI algorithm reduce image noise, providing clear images at any time of day or under certain weather conditions.

70mai A800 vs Pro vs A500S:

Reasons to buy this:

4K Ultra Full HD

1.8 aperture and 7 Glass Layer Lens Set

ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance System)

Built in Wi-Fi & GPS


App Control via iOS/ Android App

And much more…

3. 70mai 1080P Dash Cam Lite D08

70mai 1080P Dash Cam Lite D08 Singapore

1080 Full High Definition 130° Wide Angle Front Camera

70mai Front 1080P Dash Cam Lite is powered by the Sony IMX307 sensor with Wide Dynamic Range technology, which provides high video quality effectively and eliminates blind spots with its 130° wide angle lens.

Outstanding Night Vision

This dash camera equipped with new intelligent algorithm and enhanced sensitivity of CMOS image sensor offers great video quality at low light conditions.

Mobile App via Wi-Fi

70mai Dash Cam Lite D08 allows you to connect to an official 70mai mobile application through Wi-Fi which support Android 4.4 and above and iOS 8.0. You can watch live streaming, replay footage from the app, and download recorded footage directly from the app and much more.

Reasons to buy this:

Smart 1080P Wi-Fi Dash Car Camera

2” LCD Screen

Super Night Vision

iOS/Android Mobile App

And much more…

4. Apexcam Tour 4 IPS 1080P Dash Camera

Apexcam Tour 4 IPS 1080P Dash Camera Singapore

Front 170°Wide Angle Lens and Rear 130°Wide Angle Lens

The Apexcam Tour4 dash cam has a 170° front camera and a 130° rear camera, allowing you to record the roads ahead and behind your car at the same time. The wide-angle lens provides maximum visibility, so you can see everything that’s happening in your surroundings. In the event of a car accident, your video can serve as evidence that the insurance companies will need to evaluate.

4” IPS 1080P Screen Dash Camera

The front camera records at 1920 by 1080 for high definition video, while the rear camera records at 720 by 480 for clear, vivid video with minimal pixilation. The 4’’ IPS screen of this dash cam allows you to see the footage clearly.

G-Sensor and 24-hour Parking Mode

With a built-in G-sensor, the Apexcam Tour4 is able to lock the current video file if it detects that you’ve had an accident. This dash camera will turn on the parking monitoring mode automatically after a car is turned off.

Reasons to buy this:

4” IPS 1080P Screen Dash Dual Camera

Front 170°Wide Angle Lens and Rear 130°Wide Angle Lens

G-sensor and 24 hours Parking Monitor

Auto Recording and Loop Recording

And much more…

5. 70Mai Smart Dash Camera 1S

70Mai Smart Dash Camera 1S Singapore

1080P Full HD Front Camera with 130° Wide Angle Len

70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S with a Sony IMX307 sensor and a 130° Wide Angle Len provides great 1080P video quality, and gives users the wide field of vision so that it covers more of what’s happening in front of your car to help you better protect yourself on the road.

Night Vision

The enhanced sensitive backlit CMOS image sensor and the improved view at low light condition will help you to capture objects and produce high quality of video.


This dash cam with a G-sensor that auto locks the real-time video segments in emergency events. It prevents footage from being deleted or overwritten.

Reasons to buy this:

1080P Full HD Front Camera with 130° Wide Angle Len

Night Vision

Mobile App Control

And much more…

6. BlackVue DR750S 2-Channel Dual Dash Camera (Front Camera and Rear Camera)

BlackVue DR750S 2-Channel Dual Dash Camera (Front Camera and Rear Camera) Singapore

HD 1080P Front Camera at 60 fps & HD 1080P Rear Camera at 30 fps

The BlackVue DR750S two-channel dash camera comes with a Sony Starvis CMOS sensor that can record full HD 1080p footage at 60 frames per second from the front camera and full HD 1080p footage at 30 frames

BlackVue App (Android / iOS) and BlackVue View (Windows / Mac)

The BlackVue DR750S 2-Channel Dash Camera not only supports cloud connectivity, but also produces unmatched image quality night or day. The BlackVue app allows users to connect to dash cam and review the footage or download the videos from the dashcam.

Sony STARVIS sensor

With the Sony STARVIS image sensors that equip both the front and rear cameras of the DR750S-2CH, you can record high-quality video footage clearly in low light condition.

Reasons to buy this:

2 Channel Front Camera & Rear Camera  (Vertical 61° Horizontal 116°, Diagonal 139°)

Built-in Wi-Fi

Night Vision

Up to 128GB micro SD card support

BlackVue View (Windows / Mac)

BlackVue App (Android / iOS)

And much more…

7. VAVA VA-CD001 1920X1080P@60Fps Dash Cam

VAVA VAVA 1920X1080P@60Fps Dash Cam

1080P at 60fps and 360°Swivel angle with 155°lens

VAVA dash cam with 1080p@60fps and 360°swivel angle allows you to record the license plates of cars during high speed driving. With its 155° lens, the VAVA Dash cam can capture footage of up to five lanes of traffic at a time.

Sony sensor in low light condition with built-in GPS

The Sony image sensor has the capability to capture video clearly, even in low-light conditions. A built-in GPS will be able to track your route, speed, and location..

VAVA Dash App via WiFi

The VAVA Dash cam mobile app allows you to view all of your driving footage and share footage on social media or send it directly to insurance companies or police.

Reasons to buy this:

360°Swivel angle And 920x1080p, 60fps

Wi-Fi Car Dash Camera  with VAVA dash app (Android or iOS)

Night vision with Sony Sensor

Snapshot Button

And much more

8. VAVA VA-VD002 Dual Front (1920x1080P) and Rear (2560x1440P) Dash Camera

Dual front camera 1920x1080p at 30fps and rear camera 2560x1440p at 30fps

This VAVA VA-VD002 dash camera records crystal clear front (155°)  and rear footage (126°) at dual front camera 1920x1080p 30fps and rear camera 2560x1440p 30fps.

24-hour parking monitor as a surveillance camera

Parking mode allows you to record your surroundings even when your car is parked and the engine is off.

Built-in WiFi via VAVA Dash App

The dash cam has built-in Wi-Fi, and can be controlled by the “VAVA Dash” app so you can easily download and save videos to your phone, then share the footage anywhere.

Reasons to buy this:

Front (1920x1080P) and  Rear (2560x1440P) dash camera

Dash Cam with Wi-Fi and App

GPS module

24-hr Parking Monitor

And much more

9. Marbella KR9S 2-Channel Dash Cameras (Front Camera and Rear Camera)

Marbella KR9S 2-Channel Dash Cameras Singapore

The 3.5" Touchscreen Monitor

The Marbella KR-9S equipped with a 3.5″ touchscreen monitor which displays the current-voltage of the car battery on the screen so that users can determine when to change your vehicle’s batteries.

Sony Exmor R iMAX 323 CMOS sensor.

Marbella KR9S Dash Cam with Sony Exmor R CMOS sensor which provides high quality of video recording during the day and night.

Adaptable Singapore Temperature

The Marbella KR9S can operate in cold weather -20°C/-68°F or in hotter weather 70°C/158°F in Singapore.

Marbella DVR app

These cameras equipped with WiFi allow users to download, store, and share video footages wirelessly on various social media platform as long as configuring Marbella DVR app in iOS or Android platform.

Reason to buy this::

Marbella DVR app in iOS and Android Platform

The 3.5″ touchscreen monitor

Front Camera FHD1080P at 30fps with 140º Wide Viewing Angle

Rear Camera FHD1080P@30fps with 140º Wide Viewing Angle

And much more…

10. VAVA VA-VD009 Dual Dash Cam, 2K Front Camera and Interior Cabin Camera

2K Front Camera and Interior Cabin Camera

The VAVA VA-VD009 dash cameras capture front footage of the road in crystal-clear high-definition video with front camera (2560×1440@30fps) while monitor driver driving with front interior facing cabin camera (1920x1080P@30fps). Perfect for Uber, Taxi, Grab Car drivers.

Sony sensor with night vision and 4 infrared LEDs

The VAVA dash camera has a Sony IMX335 sensor in the front and an IMX307 in the rear. For the best video quality, Sony sensor with night vision provides clear images, crisp license plates and more.

Easy access your video recording via app

The VAVA dash camera has a dedicated app that makes it convenient to view, record, download and share your recording.

Best Dash Cameras in Singapore Cabin Daylight

Reason to buy this:

Front Camera (2560×1440@30fps)or and interior front cabin camera (1920x1080P@30fps)

Sony Sensor with Infrared Night Vision

Built-in Wi-Fi with App Control

2″ LCD Display

Voice recording

And much more

11. Z-Edge Z3Pro Dual Dash Cams (Front Camera and Interior Front Facing Cabin Camera at 1080p at 30fps)

Z-Edge Z3Pro Dual Dash Cam 1080p at 30fps

Dual camera HD video with 4 IR LEDs

Z-Edge Z3Pro Dual cameras simultaneously record HD video at 1920x1080P with high-quality Sony image sensors and 4 IR LEDs. It’s important to be able to record footage in low light conditions.

Front Cabin Camera with 4IR LEDs

Possible to capture internal cabin video footage in low light condition. Perfect for Uber, Taxi, Grab car drivers in the evening.

GPS tracking

The GPS feature allows the device to track your location, and route exactly where and when incidents have occurred. When you need to file an insurance claim, having a video recording of the accident is crucial.

Reasons to buy this:

Front Camera (1920x1080P) with 4 IR LEDs

Front Cabin Camera (1920x1080P) with 4 IR LEDs

Built-in Super Capacitor

GPS tracking

Wide Dynamic Range

And much more

12. Marbella KR8S 2-Channel Dash Cam

2 Channel Full HD 1080P Dual Cam Recorder at 30 Frames per second

The Marbella K8S dash cam provides an outstanding video quality throughout day and night due to the latest Sony STARVIS® CMOS imaging sensor.

It can automatically adapt to the scene and balance the exposure to ensure you get the best quality footage

Wi-Fi via App to access video and 48-hour parking mode

The built-in Wi-Fi enables you to connect to the camera and preview, download, play back and share videos on social media platforms.

It features an extremely low power consumption, which allows it to run in parking mode up to 48 hours.

Marbella dash cameras comes with a super-capacitor to ensure maximum lifespan.

Reasons to buy this:

Front Camera 1080P at 30fps  with 140º Wide Viewing Angle

Front Cabin Camera 1080P at 30fps  with 140º Wide Viewing Angle

Built-in with Super Capacitor

Built-in Wi-Fi (Android and iOS)

Up to 48 Hours Parking Mode

And much more

13. YI C1C Mirror Dash Cam

YI C1C Mirror Dash Cam

Mirror dash cam with f/2.0 aperture

YI Mirror Dash Cam has a 1080p camera on the front, and a 720p camera on the back. The front facing camera has a 138° ultra-wide-angle lens with f/2.0 aperture, so you can comfortably capture the entire road ahead and provides excellent video quality even in low-light environments.

The rear camera fits onto the back of your car. The mirror display switches automatically to show exactly what the camera sees when in reverse.

Touch screen

A touchscreen lets you control and preview your easily. It’s very easy to use the touch screen, and the mirror is also very clear.

Driver Alerts

To make sure you’re always safe on the road, it will alert you if you drive too long without a break.

Reasons to buy this:

Front facing HD camera (1080p, 138° ultra wide-angle lens) and rear HD camera (720p)

Dual Dashboard Camera Recorder with 4.3’’touch screen

Mobile App via Wi-Fi

Reverse Monitor

And much more

14. Kingslim D4 4K Dual Dash Cam – Front Camera 4K(2160p@25fps) and Rear Camera 1080P resolution

4K Dual dash cam

This Kingslim D4 4K dual dash cam can record front and rear videos at 4K and 1080P, ensuring you’ll have a clear view of videos. KingSLIM D4 is equipped with a super-wide viewing angle of 170° in front and 150° on the rear, dual cameras captures a wider view of the road and provides maximum coverage of the road.

Night vision with aperture f/1.8

With a large aperture (f/1.8), WDR technology, and night vision, in low-light environments, the image sensor can capture stunning details.

IPS touchscreen

With 3″ IPS Touchscreen, You can use a single finger to control various Kingslim dash cam features: G-sensor, parking monitor, loop recording and more.

Reasons to buy this:

Kingslim D4 4K Dual Dash Cam

Night vision with aperture f/1.8

3″ IPS Touchscreen

170° FOV Dashboard Camera with Sony Starvis Sensor

And much more

15. Garmin Dash Cam Tandem – Front Camera (1440P)and Interior Rear Camera (720P)

Garmin Dash Cam Tandem in Singapore

Two 180-degree Lenses

The Garmin Dash Cam Tandem features two 180 degree field of view lenses that record the surrounding area both in front of the car and interior-facing driver.

HDR Front 1440P Lens and Interior 720P Lens

The 1440p Garmin Clarity HDR records crisp video details, and the interior facing 720p night-vision cam with NightGlo technology captures clear video of all passengers and driver at night.

The charger with USB port

The included charger has an extra USB port, so you can charge your phone and the battery at the same time.

Reasons to buy this:

Front and Rear Dual-lens Dash Camera (Interior 720P Lens and Front 1440P Lens)

Interior Night Vision

Two 180-degree Lenses

Garmin Drive Smartphone App

USB port

microSD card support up to 512GB

And much more

16. Garmin Dash Cam 66W

Garmin Dash Cam 66W in SIngapore

1440P HD extra-wide 180-degree field of view

The Dash Cam 66W with extra-wide 180-Degree field of view captures crisp 1440P footage. With Garmin clarity HDR , you can see more details in low-light conditions

Automatic incident detection and recording

Automatically recordings of incidents and saves it to your memory card support up to 512GB.

Driver alert

Drivers use the Garmin Dash Cam to get warnings about collisions and lane departure.

Reasons to buy this:

1440P HD Extra-Wide 180-Degree Field of View,

2″ LCD Screen

Very Compact with Automatic Incident Detection and Recording
Garmin Smartphone App

microSD card support up to 512GB

And much more

17. 7-STAR Touch Screen 4.0 inch Car DVR Dual Lens Dashcam - Front 170° Wide Angle And Rear 120° Wide Angle

7-STAR Touch Screen 4.0 inch Car DVR Dual Lens Dashcam in Singapore

Touch screen 4.0 inch screen

A car DVR with a 4.0-inch screen provides a more vivid image display, and the touch panel makes it easier to operate DVR.

Night vision

It catches very clear and detailed video both during the day and at night with Full HD 1080P resolution with enhanced night vision.

3 axials G-sensor

The 3 axials G-sensor locks footage from unexpected accidents automatically for review when necessary.

Reasons to buy this:

Full HD 1080P Dual-lens Car Darsh Camera (Front and Back)

Front 170° wide angle front camera

Rear 120° wide angle camera


And much more

18. Rexing V1P Max Dual Cam (3840x2160 Front Camera & 1080P Rear Camera)

Rexing V1P Max Dual Channel Cameras Singapore

4K Dual Channel Dash Cam

This dual channel system records a front view with a 4k camera and a rear view with a 1080p camera. It allows you to record both the front and rear view at the same time, providing a safer driving experience.

170-degree wide angle lens with wide dynamic range

The Rexing V1P Max comes with the F/1.6 6-layer  glass lens performs well in low-light environment. The enhanced WDR technology ensures optimal performance in any lighting condition by adjusting the exposure to create balanced images and footage.

Mobile App

By using this mobile app, you can download your recorded 4k videos directly to your smart phone. This way, you can easily share these on social media.

Reasons to buy this:

4K UHD Dual Channel Dash Camera

3840×2160 Front Camera & 1080P Rear Camera

Night Vision

170-degree wide angle

And much more…

19. Garmin Dash Cam Mini

Garmin Dash Cam Mini Singapore

140 Degree Wide Angle Lens

Sony Starvis image sensor with vibrant recordings in both day and night so you’ll be able to see the pedestrian’s facial expressions from video.

Automatic Incident Detection & Recording

When you’re driving, there is little time to react if your car is hit. The Dash Cam Mini automatically records if an incident occurs for insurance claim.

Garmin Drive App

The Garmin Dash Cam Mini allows you to upload your saved footage to your smartphone using Wi-Fi via Garmin’s Drive app. This in turn allows you to share the video with your friends and family members. The Dash Cam also has auto sync capabilities that allow you to control and play back footage on your phone via app.

Reasons to buy this:

Car key-sized dash cam

140-degree wide angle lens

1080P HD Footage

Automatic Incident Detection & Recording

And much more…

20. BlackVue Full HD2-Channel DR590 Dash Camera (Front Camera & Rear Camera)

Outstanding video footage in low light condition

The BlackVue  DR590-2CH Dash Camera with Sony STARVIS™ CMOS sensor let you record Full HD 1080p videos of the front and back of your car. This means you can record accidents and criminal encounters in stunning detail even during nighttime.

Parking Mode

The dash camera monitors your vehicle while you’re away. Once it detects movement or impact, it will record and help you guard against vandalism and theft.

BlackVue Viewer (Windows/MAC)

The BlackVue Viewer allows you to change your video configuration settings quickly and easily access footage videos.

Reasons to buy this:

Dual Full HD 1080P 30FPS Front Camera & Rear Camera

Blackvue Viewer (Windows / Mac) to easily manage video files

Microphone On/Off & Format Button

And much more…

21. VIOFO A129 Duo Dual Lens Dash Cam – Front and Rear Cameras (1080P 140° Wide Angle)

VIOFO A129 Duo Dual Lens Dash Cam in Singapore

Sony Starvis Image Sensor

Sony Starvis image sensor with vibrant recordings in both day and night so you’ll be able to see the pedestrian’s facial expressions from video.

Dual-channel 1080P

The A129 Duo dual lens dash cameras could record the road front and rear in 1080P Full HD. The dual-channel 140° wide angle lens enables you to see more things in a single frame.

Super capacitors

A129 Duo built in a high-quality super capacitor, which is able to provide stable power supply for continuous recording. The super capacitor ensures excellent operation of the dash camera from -10℃ to 65℃.

Reasons to buy this:

Kingslim D4 4K Dual Dash Cam

Night vision with aperture f/1.8

3″ IPS Touchscreen

170° FOV Dashboard Camera with Sony Starvis Sensor

And much more

If you drive a car, it’s a good idea to get a dash cam. It’s basically like having your own security system for your vehicle.

In fact, there really are only 4 things you should have in your car: an emergency kit, a tire pressure gauge , jumper cables and a dash cam.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How many different viewpoints I want it to capture from?

i.) Recording out towards your windshield and the view of the road.

Most dash cams mount on the windshield, facing forward. The dash cam records the road ahead of you.  This type of dash cams is a single-lens dash cam, or a dash cam with only the one lens. Single-lens dash cams are the most common dash cams and a great way to start protecting yourself in the event of an accident.

If you're looking for a front-facing dash cam, take a look at our front-facing dash cams category. A dash cam will record an accident, even when it occurs behind or on the side of your vehicle.

ii.) Recording from the front and rear of your vehicle.

If you want to record what is happening both in front and behind your vehicle, the best option for you will be a front and rear dash cam. A dash cam includes two video cameras, and records all the action from both of those cameras at the same time.

iii,) Recording both the front of your car and the inside of your car.

There are dual-lens dash cams that are configured to record in front of and inside your vehicle. Some models are composed of two separate lenses, while others have the two lenses built into one single unit. This type of dashboard video camera is good fit for Grab Car drivers, Uber drivers, Taxi drivers, delivery drivers and parents of teenagers.

2. Is it more important to me to have a good quality of video?

The video quality of dash cams ranges from  normal 480p quality to higher 720p quality to even higher 1080p full HD quality to the highest 4K video quality.

High-definition dash cams are much better for identifying car make and model and read license plates. Higher video quality generally comes with an increased cost.

3. Does I want to log my GPS location when I am driving in Singapore?

With a built-in GPS receiver, new dash cam models can log your vehicle's position and speed.

Some dash cams come with a built-in GPS antenna, while others receive GPS signal through an external cable.

Having GPS tracking makes the playback of recorded video much more enjoyable as you're watching your vehicle's actual movement on a map.

4. Does I want to save my dash cam videos to a cloud server?

Cloud-capable dash cams come with built-in 4G-LTE or can access the cloud via a hotspot Wi-Fi device

Dash cams with cloud capability allow you to see live footage, download video remotely, track vehicles in real-time, get instant event notifications, and much more.

5. How much footage does I want to store on my memory card?

Because dash cams generate large amounts of data, you need to get a high quality of memory card that can adequately store this data.

There is another major measure of memory card quality, and it's called "write speed". The write speed determines how fast it can write video data to the memory card. There are Class 1, 2, 4, 6, 10 of memory card based on different write speed spec.

Make sure you buy a memory card with the appropriate class for your dash cam. The majority of dash cam manufacturers suggest using a Class 6 card or higher.

If you try to record video with a Class 1, 2, or 4 memory card, you may end up with choppy video playback and other incomplete video files.

Here are the reference how long the camera will record HD video before reaching the end of the card:

16GB memory card : 4 – 6 hours
32GB memory card : 6 – 12 hours
64GB memory card : 10 – 20 hours
28GB memory card : 20 – 40 hours
256GB memory card : 40 –80 hours

Thank you for reading this post. If you enjoy this post, please share it with your friends or family members. Let’s get life transformed together! Many thanks.

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