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Veebike F7 Folding Ebike Singapore
Veebike F7 Folding Ebike Singapore

13 Best Electric Bikes in Singapore 2021

Are you looking to get an e-bike for casual rides, or an electric bike for exercise? Are you searching for the right bicycle to ride to work, where you can enjoy a stress-free commute?

The number of electric bikes in Singapore has been steadily increasing over the past few years. Having the best electric bike in Singapore will make it easier and safer for you to get to your destination. For food delivery riders or commuters alike, power-assisted bicycles can be very useful.

Unlike traditional manual bikes, electric bikes offer high-speed support with the built-in motor and battery. If you want to avoid morning rush hour, it’s better to ride an electric bike than to exhaust yourself with a manual option. Electric bikes are an efficient and eco-friendly mode of transportation, especially for young people and the elderly.

Concerned about getting one? If you are considering buying an electric bike, then this ebike buyers’ guide will help you make the right choice. In Singapore, electric bicycles or e-bikes must be sealed with LTA approval seal, registered and affixed with a rear registration number plate. Please check out the latest ebike buyers’ guide 2021. However, we have compiled the list of 13 best electric bikes in Singapore as below, so you can find the right ebike to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Venom 2+ electric bike in Singapore
Venom 2+ (LTA approved | EN15194)

Venom 2+ affixed with orange seal is a EN15194 certified electric bike approved by LTA in Singapore. Its Samsung 35E battery is  36V 10Ah capacity that takes 5 hours to charge fully. This E-bike can cover 110 kilometers with a single fully charge. The 250W brushless motor makes the bike incredibly powerful and able to handle inclines of up to 30 degrees. Therefore, Venom 2+ can make cycling more comfortable and give you a workout at the same time. They’re convenient for getting around in the city and heading to work or school.

Reason to buy this:

LTA Approved

Affixed with orange seal

EN15194 certified electric bicycle

Aluminium Alloy Frame

Samsung 35E 36V 10A 350mAh removable battery

Up to 110km distance

250W Brushless Motor

14″ * 2.125″ Tube Tires

And much more..

Veebike F7 Folding Ebike Singapore
Veebike F7 Folding Ebike

The Veebike F7 is equipped with 7-gear speed achieving both slope and speed performance.  After turning off the battery, and it becomes a mountain bike for use on footpath and cycling path. The Veebike F7 uses 6061 aluminum and features 20-inch Kenda Kshield Ebike tyres, which makes it one of the best choices for daily commuters. The Veebike F7 ebike is designed to help food delivery riders too.

Reason to buy this:

LTA Approved

Hybrid Ebike

Ligthweight  – aluminum alloy 6061

20-inch Pneumatic wheel

Portable folding ebike

And much more.

Ji-Move LC Ebike Singapore
Ji-Move LC Ebike

The Ji-Move LC is a compact foldable LTA approved ebike that’s great for commuting. It’s equiped with a 14-inch wheels, disc brakes, a detachable li-ion 3300 mAh battery from LG. With a 36V 9.9AH LG li-ion battery, the Li-ion battery can run up to 60km with a single charge. Depending on your riding habits, you can plan how to extend your travel time by carrying spare batteries or removing the battery to charge it separately.

The reason to buy this:

LTA approved

LG 36V 9.9AH detachable battery

36V 250W DC brushless motor

Stem foldable ebike

And much more.

Zebra Ebike Model 3 in Singapore
Zebra Ebike Model 3

The Zebra Ebike Model 3 is an LTA-approved e-bike that you can ride with confidence on the road in Singapore. The Zebra Ebike Model 3 has a maximum range of 50 km per charge. If the battery on your ebike runs out, you can ride it like a normal bicycle. It also meets European Standard EN 15194 which implies quality, reliability and safety.

The reason to buy this:

LTA Approved

36V 250W brushless motor

36V 10AH lithium detachable battery

50 km range per charge



And much more.

Scorpion Foldable E-bike Singapore

The Scorpion E-bike complies with LTA Registered Orange Seal and EN15194 standard. The unique design frame  made from durable magnesium alloy and equipped with a rear hydraulic suspension system provides comfortable cycling experience for cyclists.

With the help of its 250W whisper-quiet gear motor, this gives cyclists plenty of power to climb hills.

A detachable lithium battery gives you a long range of 60km on a single charge. And it’s easy to replace the battery and charge it.

The reason to buy this:

LTA approved

Detachable battery

Foldable E-bike in car boot, storage room

Easy to carry on MRT/bus

Magnesium alloy frame with rear suspension

And much more.

JI-MOVE MC E-bike Singapore

JIMOVE MC is a long distance e-bike that’s compact and foldable. With a 20.8 LG detachable li-ion battery, 14″ wheels, and disc brakes, it’s one of the top choices for cyclists or food delivery. The 36 volt 20.8 amp hour LG lithium-ion battery allows users ride up to 120 kilometers per full charge. However, by carrying spare batteries or removing the battery to charge when resting, you can travel even farther distances.

JI-MOVE MC E-bike, LTA Approved E-bike meets the EN15194 standard for E-bike safety. JI-MOVE e-bike has also passed the IPX4 water resistant standard so that you can ride in light rain. With the unique battery connector, it is possible to make sure that your battery remains safe and water resistant.

The reason to buy this:

Long distance up to 120km

IPX4 water resistant standard

European Standard

LTA Approved E-bike

5 Levels of Speed up to 25km/h

Detachable LG Li-ion Battery

Foldable Frame

Suitable for MRT & Car

And much more

Tempo V3 Singapore

Tempo V3 is a high-performance electric scooter, which is suitable for travelling on the slopes. This electric with a high-density seat that will make your ride as comfortable as during long period of riding.

Tempo V3 scooter is able to travel long distance, estimation of 50 kilometer. It’s perfect for commuting too. With front suspension and rear suspension, you can take a smooth ride on all types of terrain or bumps.

The reason to buy this:

Travel long distance, estimation of 50 kilometer

Front suspension and rear suspension

12″ GEARED motor

And much more

The OVO Electric Bike with dual batteries is approved by the LTA and certified by EN15194. This e-bike can travel up to 70 kilometres on a full charge with battery capacity of 13AH. Perfect for food delivery riders, such as Grabfood, Foodpanda, Deliveroo.

The OVO Electric Bike is powered by a 36V 240W  brushless DC motor, which gives you three levels of electrical assistance This e-bike with 20-inch wheels and 3-inch wide tyres is suitable for city use and also partially rough terrain use.

In addition, this electric bike equipped with a display panel that shows speed, battery life, electric assistance level and travel distance.  With a remote control key lock, you can take it wherever you go and keep it safe in public.

The reason to buy this:

LTA Approved EN15194 certified foldable e-bike

Aluminium Alloy Frame

Rider weight up to 120kg

Wheel Size: 20″

Smart display panel

And much more

ORCA Electric Bicycle Singapore

The ORCA e-bike frame, LTA approved e-bike, is made from alloy 6061 aluminium, which is commonly used in aircraft components for its strength and resistance to corrosion. With ORCA Electric Bike folded, you can easily take it on a bus or train or store it in a car boot.

In addition, This e-bike with a built-in rear rack can help you carry lightweight items or load up to 15kg. Perfect for food delivery riders, such as Grabfood, Deliveroo, Foodpanda.

This electric bicycle features a display panel that shows the speed, the battery level, travel distance, electric assistance level. With a front white light and a rear red light that are visible to others during the day and night.

The reason to buy this:

Built-in rear rack

Long distance ebike with fat tyres

A full charge will allow you to travel up to 80km

LCD display panel

Detachable 48V 14AH  battery

And much more

Mobot Dynamic mini 16 E-bike Singapore

Mobot Dynamic mini 16 E-bike approved by Land Transport Authority Singapore is easy to fold and carry to public buses and MRT. It’s engineered in France and it is very sturdy so the maximum load capacity is up to 125 kg. Prefect for food delivery riders, Grab food, Food panda.

This e-bike has a range of 50km powered by a removable 8Ah battery.  When it runs out of battery, you could attach another battery pack.

The reason to buy this:

LTA approved e-bike with orange seal

Pedal-assisted Folding E-bike

36V 8AH Removable battery

Range up to 50km

Max speed: 25km/h

Max load: 125 kg

And much more

Mobot Eco Drive Singapore

The Mobot Eco Drive is a electric bicycle approved by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and certified by the European Union (EN15194).  With the step-through frame vintage design, it’s been proven to be durable and has been thoroughly tested in the market.

It is a reliable electric bicycle that can be used in a variety of situations, making it the best choice for most riders in terms of both usefulness and affordability. Perfect for food delivery riders.

This power-assisted bicycle (PAB) has a detachable battery, so you can extend its range of distance by carrying spare batteries.

The reason to buy this:

36V 200W Brushless Motor

Max speed 25KM/h

Range up to 50KM

36V 8AH Detachable battery

And much more

MIDO Foldable E-Bike Singapore

The one-piece MIDO frame is extremely strong, isn’t susceptible to wear and tear, and is also lighter. With a full suspension system, the MIDO E-Bike provides comfortable riding on uneven roads.

One feature of the MIDO e-bike that’s absent in other e-bikes has a regenerative braking feature. When you’re going uphill, it’ll feel like you’re pedalling harder. It’s great knowing that heading downhill will give you some time to enjoy an easy ride while the bike recharges itself. When cruising on flat terrain, the regenerative brakes will automatically charge your battery.

The reason to buy this:

LTA Approved Foldable E-bike

Full suspension system

Light-weight frame

Regenrative braking

And much more

Apollo Smart 1S Plus E-bike Singapore

The Apollo SMART 1S PLUS E-Bike approved by LTA Singapore contains LED display. It displays speed, power usage, battery life, light usage, average speed, maximum speed, trip meter data and total distance achieved.

If you don’t use the e-bike for more than 10 minutes, the system will be turned off in order to conserve energy.

The reason to buy this:

LTA Approved E-bike

Lightweight Aluminium frame

Lion Battery + USB

Shimano Rapid Shifter

Shimano Derailleur

Shimano Cassette

7 Speed

LED display (speed, battery, distance, light, power)

Silent brushless 250W 36V motor

And much more

Thank you for reading this post. If you enjoy this post, please share it with your friends or family members. Let’s get life transformed together! Many thanks.

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