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Best Induction Cookers in SIngapore
Image credit to: Joenomias

8 Best Induction Cookers in Singapore 2024

Want to cook for more people or more food in a short time?

Want to easy to clean after cooking?

Want to keep your kids safe and at the same time still be able to use a cooker?

If you have answered “YES” to the question above, this post is exactly what you are looking for.

4-burner or 2 burner induction cookers 

The 4-burner or 2-burner induction cookers let you cook many dishes at the same time  and thus save your time. The best kind of 2-burner or 4-burner induction cooker should heat your pan quickly evenly, have easy-to-use settings and be safe to use, and easy to clean.

Here is a list of 8 best 4-burner/2-burner induction cooktops in Singapore and you can use this buyer’s guideline to help you find your own preferred induction cooker. It’s a really good idea to choose a 4-burner or 2-burner induction cooker if you want to cook for more people or more food in a short time.

1. Gasland Chef IH30BF 240V Electric Induction Hob

Gasland Chef Induction Cooker Singapore IH30BF
Image credit to: Gasland Chef IH30BF

Multiple Protection Functions

Gasland Chef IH30BF is a 12-inch two burners induction cooktop with overheating protection, auto shutdown protection and safety lock to ensure your family safety. It also takes little time to clean up after cooking.

Digital Touch Sensor Control

This induction cooktop has nine power levels, which allow you to switch into different power levels from the level of boil to simmer via touch sensor control.

Multifunctional Timer

This multifunctional timer can remind you when food is done cooking.

Reasons to buy this:

12″ Built-in Induction Cooktop

Drop-in 2 Burner Induction Stovetop

2 different cooking zone with 1500-3500W for quickly cooking

9 power levels per cooking zone

Sensor Touch Control

Child safety lock

1-99 Minutes Timer

And much more

2. Gionien Induction Cooktop GITS352G3

Gionien Induction Cooktop GITS352G3
Image credit to: Gionien Induction Cooktop GITS352G3

Energy Efficiency

This Gionien induction cooker provides fast heating and is energy efficient because it generates heat with an electromagnetic field and distributes it evenly across your cooking surface. It is suitable for cooking with iron, stainless steel and alloy pans.

Safety Protection

This induction cooker has a child safety lock, overheating protection, and automatic shutdown protection to prevent overcooking or burning and keep your family members safe.

Cooking Timer Control

You can set the exact time for cooking. Each cooking zone will be switched off automatically after setting time has expired.

Reasons to buy this:

12” Induction Cooktop

Electric Stove top Built in Countertop Cooker with Hard Wired

Drop-in 2 Burners 220V 3500W

And much more

3. Karinear 220-240V, 7000W 4-Burner Induction Cooktop

Karinear Induction Cooktop in SIngapore
Image credit to: Karinear 220-240V, 7000W 4-Burner Induction Cooktop

4-Zone Induction Cooktop.

This Karinear 4-zone induction cooktop has 2000W, 1500, 2000W and 1500W high power burners with independent electronic knob controls. It cooks faster and more efficiently. You can cook a lot of food at the same time on these, thus saving your time.

Knob Control

It’s easy to operate this cooktop, even for people who are new to using induction cooktops. The convenient induction cooktop is particularly suitable for the elderly. By rotating the button by hand, you can be sure that you switched it on or off. In addition, children cannot accidentally turn this induction cooktop on, so it is safer than a touch-screen.

High Energy Efficiency

The induction cooker is more efficient than the traditional gas one. It also provides faster heating times and quicker cooking times.

Reasons to buy this:

4 Burners

Electric Cooktop with Electronic Knob Control

Built-in Induction Stovetop Hard Wired

9 Power Levels

And much more

4. Gasland Chef IH90BF 220V 5-Burner Cooker

Gasland Chef Induction Cooker Singapore IH90BF
Image credit to: Gasland Chef IH90BF 220V 5-Burner Cooker

5 Powerful Cooking Zones

This Gasland Chef 5-burner induction cooktop has a max cooking power of 6800-7400W with a 5-cooking-zone design. This induction cooktop is designed to suit AC220-240V.

Multiple Protection Functions

It has multiple protection functions of overheat protection and kids safety lock to keep you and your family safe.

Digital Touch Sensor Control

It features sensor touch controls for precision heating and has 9 power levels, ranging from boil to simmer.

Reasons to buy this:

36 inch Electric Stove Top

5-burner Built In Induction Hob


Safety Lock

9 Heating Levels

And much more

5. Ramblewood 4-Burner 30" Electric Cooktop, EC4-70, 7200W

Rawblewood 4-Burner Induction Cooker EC4-70 Singapore
Image credit to: Ramblewood 4-Burner 30" Electric Cooktop, EC4-70, 7200W

4-Burner 30″ Electric Cooktop

This Ramblewood EC-70 induction cooker has four cooking zones with high powered, 2000W, 1800W, 1200W and 1100W burners. You can cook more food at the same time on this induction cooker, thus saving your time.

Over-voltage and over-heat protection

This cooktop includes over-voltage and over-heat protection features designed to prevent overcooking or burning.

Child safety lock

This induction cooker has a child safety lock so your children can’t accidentally turn it on.

Today, Ramblewood has started a line of induction cookers:

  • Ramblewood 4-Burner 30″ Electric Cooktop, EC4-70, 7200W
  • Ramblewood 4-Burner 30″ Electric Cooktop, EC4-60, 6000W
  • Ramblewood 2-Burner Electric Cooktop, EC2-30, 3000W
  • Ramblewood 2-Burner Electric Cooktop, EC2-18

Reasons to buy this:

4-Burner 30″ Electric Cooktop


Over-voltage and over-heat protection

Auto-cookware detection and shutoff feature

Child safety lock

And much more

6. SingleHome 4-Burner 24 inch 1500W-6000W Induction Cooktop

SingleHome 4-Burner Induction Cooktop Singapore
Image credit to: SingleHome 4-Burner 24 inch 1500W-6000W Induction Cooktop

2  Flexi Zones

The SingleHome 4-burner induction cooker comes with 2 Flexi Zones, auto detection features and flexi heating function. It will automatically detect the area the pan covers and heat it precisely. The Flexi Zone makes the heat distribution more even and therefore save energy consumption.


If you do not put any cookware on the induction cooktop in 30 seconds, the induction cooktop will shut off automatically. In addition, this induction cooktop has multiple protection functions, such as the auto shutdown protection, child safety lock, and overheating protection

Touch Digital Control

You can start your cooking with a single touch. The precision digital control — 9 power levels and up to 99 mins timer, will help you get a more precise and efficient cooking

Reasons to buy this::

2  Flexi Zones

4-Burner Induction Cooktop 24 inch 1500W-6000W

Child Safety Lock

And much more

7. Noxton 4 Burners Induction Cooker

Noxton 4-Burner Induction Cooker in SIngapore
Image credit to: Noxton 4 Burners Induction Cooker

4-Zone Induction Cooktop

This Noxton 4-zone induction cooker with independent touch control has four high-power burners: 2200W, 1400W, 1800W and 1400W. When you first use the “Boost” function, it will heat an area with greater power with its maximum of 5 minutes.

Multiple Security Protection

It comes with multiple security features: heater indicator, child safety lock, and timer key. The child safety lock helps prevent children from operating the induction cookers.

Reasons to buy this::

6400W 220~240V 4 Burners

Touch Control

Child Lock


Hard Wire Easy Cleaning

And much more

8. Karinear 220-240V Infrared Electric Cooktop with 2 Burners

Karinear Infrared Induction Cooker in SIngapore
Image credit to: Karinear Infrared Electric Cooktop with 2 Burners

2 Burners

Karinear Infrared Double Cooktop has two independent heating areas, and each area can be adjusted to different temperatures so you can quickly produce different delicious foods at the same time.


The 2-burner electric stovetop has no high frequency electromagnetic radiation since infrared cooktop works by far infrared heating. Therefore it is harmless to the human body.

If you forget to turn off this stove, it will shut off automatically since there is auto shutdown protection.

Knob temperature control

It is easy to operate. It is suitable for the elderly since they do not need to press any complicated buttons. The mechanism that rotates the button by hand is more reliable than touch screen method so children can’t turn it on by accident.

Reasons to buy this::

2 Burners

Built-in Ceramic Cooktop Hard Wired

9 Heating Level

Knob Control

Auto Shut Down Protection

And much more

Based on our extensive research, we’ve determined that the following criterias are important for a induction cooker:

1. Infrared Technology

Low frequency infrared radiation is completely different from the high frequency electromagnetic radiation that causes human health.

2. Safety

The cooker comes with the features of protection that can alert you if you forget to place pan on an induction cooker or place incompatible pans on an induction cooktops.

In addition, There is an automatic turn off feature available with the most induction cookers out there. Most induction cooktops will turn off automatically once the set cooking setting/time is over.

Some induction cookers have lock buttons to prevent you from accidentally changing the temperature or a child doesn’t turn it on.

3. Wide Range of Heating

The induction burners offer variable heat settings, including a low simmer setting. This means that you can boil water quickly and still maintain a simmer.

You may be more comfortable with an induction cooker that allows you to set temperatures when frying or others.

4. Wattage of Induction Cooker

The more power a cooktop has, the faster it can make your food. The most common wattage among induction cooktops is 1000-2000W.

5. Stability

The best induction cookers in Singapore are those that have good stability on a flat surface.  Working with hot pans can be dangerous, so having a stable unit with substantial weight and rubber feet is important for your safety.

All of the induction burners we’ve looked at have feet because they are less likely to slide on your cooking surface.

6. Pan Size of Cooktop

A large enough coil area allows you to cook using a variety of different-sized pans. If the coil is not large enough, the heat will not reach the pan, which slows down the cooking process.

7. Easy-to-clean Design

Compared to gas burners, induction cookers consist of a single smooth surface, so they are easier to wipe down.

Thank you for reading this post. If you enjoy this post, please share it with your friends or family members. Let’s get life transformed together! Many thanks.

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