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Best Data Recovery Services in Singapore

8 Best Data Recovery Services in Singapore

Whatever your profession is, you surely have data or information you like to keep for different purposes. Thanks to the ever-evolving technology, you can easily gather, compile and store important data on your digital devices, such as phones, computers, and laptops. But while it is easier, faster, and more convenient to do so as opposed to the traditional methods, it is worth noting that digital devices are not 100% foolproof. System errors or failures can lead to losing your data, or it could be a simple and unintentional human mistake. Whatever the cause is, one thing is certain –you will be frustrated, or worse, you might lose something bigger.

If you believe you cannot afford to suffer data loss, you must know where to go or whom to call in case it happens. In this post, we have compiled the 8 best data recovery services centers in Singapore. These companies had made it to this list due to their impressive services, turnaround times, reputation in the industry, and of course, customer reviews. Let’s dig in!

Repair Advise in Singapore
Credit to Repair Advise SG

Repair Advise started in 2012 as a mobile repair and support center for schools and corporate companies in Singapore. The company expanded its services in just four years, including setting up repair center reviews and news portals on the latest gadgets. It has successfully established its name in the industry by providing support and training for large and famous mobile repair centers in the country.

In 2019, Repair Advise opened its first store that deals directly with consumers. The services include motherboard-level repair, advanced diagnostics, and data recovery. The specialists and in-house engineers of the company are so confident in what they do that they allow customers to watch the whole data recovery or repair process. You can also take advantage of their free in-house training for if you want to learn basic and advanced repair works for iOS and Android devices.

Notably, the company’s tagline states, “Not all repair center is the same.” With just over a decade of experience in the industry and more than 100,000 devices diagnosed, it is undeniable that Repair Advise has come a long way from what it used to be. Their professional diagnostic skills, advanced equipment, and “know-how” attitude allowed them to achieve a 95% success rate. And though they specialize in repair works, its sophisticated approaches to data recovery are also on par with its bigger competitors. They are also trusted by leading mobile, PC, and laptop manufacturers, such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Asus, Microsoft, and Razer. Furthermore, Repair Advise also offers scholarships to deserving students as a way of giving back to the community.

2. CBL Data Recovery

Credit to CBL Data Recovery

Established in 1993, CBL Data Recovery is one of Singapore’s pioneer data recovery companies. This firm is home to well-experienced engineers and data recovery specialists catering to SMEs and MNCs customers. They can recover data from various digital media such as SSD, SD cards, hard drives, thumb drives, RAID Array, different types of NAS and Servers, and other encrypted storage devices.

Notably, CBL Data Recovery boasts over 90% success rate in its data recovery cases. The company develops its tools and methods and never ceases to aim for perfection by consistently monitoring the landscape of digital media and experimenting with different data recovery and protection approaches. Thus, it is no surprise that it is trusted by large and leading laptop manufacturers in Singapore and worldwide. Among the companies that heavily rely on CBL for data recovery services and other third-party services are Samsung, Seagate, and Western Digital.

Aside from the impressive data recovery skills and solutions, CBL’s quick turnaround time sets it apart from its many competitors. It doesn’t matter if you are a small or a VIP client –recovering your data is always their utmost priority. Furthermore, the company provides its clients with a non-disclosure agreement. You can fully count on your data to be kept secure and confidential.

Aside from having an established reputation in Singapore, CBL Data Recovery is well known for its world-class data recovery services in  India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Australia. This impressive network of customer service centers is enough to convince you that they can recover your lost data like a piece of cake.

3. Data Savers SG

Data Savers SG
Credit to Data Savers SG

Data Savers Pte Ltd has been offering professional data recovery services in Singapore since the early 2000s. This firm boasts an ISO 9001 certification and is also known for its impeccable yet cost-effective services throughout several countries in Southeast Asia. It is also in partnership with Seagate Recovery Services, the first-ever recipient of the ISO 9001:2000 certificate for data recovery service in the world.

The professionals at Data Savers use cutting-edge technologies and solutions that aim to fully recover lost data from a wide array of storage media. They do not only work on the problem, but they also ensure that they walk you through the complicated process. They take the time to explain the delicate subjects and will let you know how they will handle your data in laypeople’s terms. Furthermore, there is a non-disclosure agreement that ensures data confidentiality and security.

Notably, Data Savers specializes in recovering lost data from all versions of Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. However, they also work on retrieving data from desktops, iPhones, Android devices, gaming laptops, solid state drives, internal and external hard disk drives, micro SDs, USB devices, Go Pro cam recorders, NAS, SAN, tape cartridges, and Raid Arrays.

But without a doubt, one factor that makes Data Savers one of your best go-to data recovery service centers in Singapore is its free evaluation. It doesn’t matter if it took the data recovery specialists a long time to find the solution to the issue; you will only have to pay them if you have committed to getting the work done. You don’t have to pay them as well if they cannot recover your data.

4. Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre

Ever Higher Data Recovery SG
Credit to Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre

Ever Higher prides itself as one of Singapore’s most versatile data recovery centers. No matter what kind of device or storage media you have, the company’s IT professionals can easily deal with your data recovery issues. Their exceptional services cover works on mobile phones, SD cards, solid-state drives, external hard drives, flash drives, and network-attached storage. Notably, the company’s success rate is significantly higher than most service providers in the country.

At Ever Higher, you can also count on free consultations and device evaluations with minimal waiting times. Usually, it only takes less than a day to analyze the problem and provide a service quotation. The services are also being performed with full transparency and urgency. It’s also up to you whether you will personally go to the service center or you will arrange a device pick up with the staff. Whatever seems more convenient to you, trust that there is nothing to worry about the confidentiality of your personal and critical data as the professionals adhere to the finest data protection standards in the industry. If the IT team fails to recover your data, you will not be charged at all.

It is also worth mentioning that Ever Higher is one of the few data recovery centers in Singapore that works directly with hard disk and laptop manufacturers, such as Samsung, Toshiba, HP, Lenovo, Buffalo, SanDisk, Adata, Synology, Acer, Fujitsu, Sony, Dell, and Seagate. Aside from its renowned specialty, the company also provides a wide array of IT solutions to small and medium businesses and helps them improve their productivity and responses against tough challenges in the industry.

5. Ontrack SG

OnTrack SG
Credit To Ontrack SG

Operating for almost four decades in the software industry, Ontrack is one of Singapore’s longest-operating data recovery centers. This company was initially known for its Disk Manager, a software program that allows swift and easy installation of a computer’s hard disk. The immense success of this product has led the company to venture into the business of data recovery from damaged and corrupted hard disk drives. The demand for this kind of service continues to balloon, so Ontrack also worked on putting itself on the frontline by refining its service offerings and digital solutions. Today, the company works on an average of 50 000 data recovery cases per year.

Having proven what it can bring to the table, Ontrack has also established solid partnerships with the world’s leading software and hardware vendors, such as Apple, Dell, IBM, SanDisk, Western Digital, and Net App. The company’s notable services include data recovery from SSD, hard drives, RAID, NAS, laptops, desktops, cloud, mobile phones, and CCTVs. They also offer a wide range of data recovery, data erasure software products, and power control programs.

Ontrack heavily attributes its success to a talented team of IT professionals, engineers, and technicians with an unrivaled passion for developing cutting-edge tools and solutions. They always push the boundaries and seek innovation with attention to detail and enthusiasm. Notably, the company’s main objective is to solve data recovery problems without compromising the privacy and safety of critical data. Aside from the world-class services, you can also take advantage of Ontrack’s career development programs.

6. iDevice Repair Centre

iDevice Repair Centre Singapore

Founded in 2007, iDevice Repair Centre is your one-stop shop for electronic products and accessories, device repairs, and data recovery services. What started as a repair service center for Apple devices is now one of the leading firms in the industry with more than 30,000 satisfied customers –thanks to its groundbreaking techniques and programs that enabled the company to achieve around 95% success rate.

The company’s high-quality yet considerably-priced services make it one of the most famous repair centers locally for individuals, SMEs, schools, and government organizations. The wide range of services covers almost every digital device and storage type, including SSDs, hard disks, smartphones, laptops, and GoPro devices.

Notably, you can count on a free and on-the-spot evaluation and diagnosis of your device. The teams of IT and data recovery specialists are trained to provide customers with fast, transparent, and friendly services. You don’t have to wait around for a long time while worrying about the confidentiality and security of your data, as these experts can provide you with solutions and results in an average of 1-2 business days. You can also count on fair pricing and impeccable customer service!

As it shows, what makes its data recovery services stand out from the rest is its constant hunger for innovation. Despite having the most effective solutions for various types of data loss problems, the team continues to explore all the possibilities and upgrade their tools and technologies as they see fit based on the constant changes and trends in the industry.

7. Greenergy Data Recovery

Greenergy Data Recovery SG
Credit to Greenergy Data Recovery SG

Greenergy has been operating in the field of data recovery for over two decades. The longevity of this company in the competitive business landscape only proves the quality and reliability of its services. It doesn’t matter how you lost your data –the data recovery specialists, coupled with state-of-the-art equipment, tools, and facilities, guarantees quick and long-lasting solutions to your problems.

With millions of dollars invested in upgrading the company’s tools and technologies, it is not surprising that you can rely on them for almost every kind of data recovery service. From hard disks to SSDs, phones, Server Raid, Mac, NAS, DROBO, SAN, emails, tapes, encrypted disk, database, and password recovery –just tell them your problem, and they will take care of the rest with the utmost enthusiasm and transparency.

Greenery also works with unrivaled dedication and integrity. You have nothing to worry about data leakage as everyone in the company upholds data protection policies to the highest standards. But, what you will love most about Greenergy is its dedication to educating its customers. The experts go the extra mile to walk you through the process and even explain the root cause of your data loss problem. They will even teach you how to better take care of your personal and critical data in the future.

Furthermore, you will surely appreciate the company’s pocket-friendly quotations and highly satisfying turnaround times. Even the friendly and welcoming customer service staff will surely amaze you. And by the way, Greenergy has a data recovery success rate of 98%!

8. TRIT Computer

TRIT Computer Repair and Data Recovery Singapore

TRIT Computer boasts a team of certified iOS and Macintosh technicians who have gone above and beyond to learn about sophisticated data recovery processes from RAID setups and network NAS devices. This company began its journey in the data recovery industry as an affordable repair service center for Apple products. After just a few years in operation, the company expanded its scope of services and now covers different brands and a long list of storage devices such as memory cards, hard drives, USB devices, databases, mobile phones, memory sticks, and more.

Today, TRIT Computer is one of Singapore’s leading firms in terms of recovering and safeguarding data from different threats in almost all kinds of digital storage and devices. Notably, the company’s mission is to provide the best repair and data recovery services at the most affordable prices. The IT professionals, engineers, and other customer service staff are always ready to answer any questions you might have in the most-friendly manner. You can also rely on round-the-clock evaluations, support, diagnosis, respectful responses, fair quotations, and full transparency reports.

Furthermore, TRIT Computer knows that every issue must be addressed with the utmost attention to detail. Thus, you can count on customized approaches and solutions. You can also tell the service agents about your budget, sense of urgency, and other concerns and trust that they will do their best to help you out at any time of the day. TRIT Computer has several service centers throughout Singapore open for physical and virtual services seven days a week.

Wrapping Up!

No matter how careful you are, keep in mind that data loss can still happen to you. You can accidentally delete them, or your device’s system can crash. You can also fall victim to cybercrime attacks or data breaches. Don’t worry, there’s no need to panic. The companies in this list that offers the best data recovery services in Singapore are more than willing to recover your data and lessen your burdens.

Thank you for reading this post. If you enjoy this post, please share it with your friends or family members. Let’s get life transformed together! Many thanks.

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