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Best Bear Bricks Revealed: Top 10 Most Popular Collectibles

Best BearBricks Revealed 2024: Top 10 Most Popular Collectibles

In the world of collectibles, one name reigns supreme, captivating enthusiasts and collectors alike with its distinctive design and cultural significance: BearBricks. These miniature works of art have transcended the boundaries of traditional toy collecting, finding their place in the hearts and showcases of individuals worldwide. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting your journey into the fascinating realm of BearBricks, you’re in for a treat.

In this exclusive blog post, we will unveil the ultimate list of the “Top 10 Most Popular BearBrick Collectibles.” These meticulously crafted figurines, with their iconic bear-like silhouette, have become coveted treasures in the realm of art, pop culture, and toy aficionados. Join us as we explore the unique stories and designs behind these remarkable BearBricks that have captured the imaginations of enthusiasts around the globe. From limited-edition collaborations to classic favorites, our countdown will showcase the very best of BearBrick collecting.

Prepare to be captivated as we delve into the world of BearBricks and reveal the 10 most sought-after and revered collectibles, each with its own remarkable story to tell. Whether you’re a passionate collector seeking to expand your collection or simply curious about what makes BearBricks so iconic, this journey promises to be an exciting one. Let’s dive into the world of BearBricks and discover the gems that have captured the hearts of collectors worldwide

Bearbrick Buyer's Guide: Unleash Your Inner Collector

Bearbricks, those iconic and highly sought-after collectible figures, have captured the hearts of collectors worldwide. If you’re considering diving into the world of Bearbricks or looking to expand your collection, our comprehensive buyer’s guide will serve as your compass in this exciting journey.

What Is a Bearbrick?

Bearbricks, often stylized as BE@RBRICK, are designer art toys produced by the Japanese company Medicom Toy Incorporated. These bear-shaped figures come in various sizes and have become a canvas for artists and brands to express their creativity through collaborations. Whether you’re into pop culture, art, or fashion, Bearbricks offer a unique blend of collectibility and self-expression.

The size of BearBrick: Bearbrick 400 vs 1000

Bearbricks are available in four standard sizes, each offering a unique collectible experience:

100% Bearbricks: The smallest in the Bearbrick family, these figures measure approximately 2.75 inches in height.

200% Bearbricks: Stepping up in size, the 200% Bearbricks stand at around 6 inches tall.

400% Bearbricks: Among the most sought-after sizes, the 400% Bearbrick measures 11 inches in height and is a popular choice for collectors and enthusiasts.

1000% Bearbricks: The largest and most imposing of them all, the 1000% Bearbrick reaches an impressive height of 27.5 inches.

It’s worth noting that as you move up the size scale, prices tend to increase accordingly, making the larger Bearbricks both a statement piece and a valuable addition to any collection.

How to Avoid Fake Bearbricks

As the popularity of Bearbricks continues to grow, so does the market for counterfeit or fake versions of these collectible figures. To ensure that you’re investing in authentic Bearbricks and not falling victim to knock-offs, follow our comprehensive guide on how to spot and avoid fake Bearbricks.

i. Purchase from Reputable Retailers

One of the surest ways to avoid fake Bearbricks is to buy from well-established and reputable retailers. Authorized dealers, official Bearbrick stores, and renowned online marketplaces are more likely to carry genuine products. Check for reviews and ratings to verify the legitimacy of the seller.

ii. Examine the Packaging

Authentic Bearbricks typically come in high-quality packaging with clear and crisp graphics. Pay close attention to the packaging design, colors, and print quality. Look for official logos and branding. Fake Bearbrick packaging often exhibits noticeable discrepancies, such as blurry graphics or misspelled words.

iii. Inspect the Quality

Genuine Bearbricks are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. When examining a Bearbrick, scrutinize the quality of the materials, including the texture and finish. Counterfeit Bearbricks may have visible imperfections, such as rough edges, paint smudges, or uneven joints.

iv. Check for Authentication Codes

Some Bearbricks come with authentication codes or stickers that allow you to verify their authenticity on the official Medicom Toy website. Always cross-check the code provided with the one on the official website. If there’s a discrepancy, it’s likely a fake.

v. Study the Articulation

Bearbricks are known for their articulated joints, allowing you to pose them in various ways. Genuine Bearbricks have smooth and well-fitting joints. Counterfeit versions may have loose or stiff joints, making posing difficult.

vi. Beware of Unrealistic Prices

Be cautious of sellers offering Bearbricks at significantly lower prices than market value. Counterfeiters often try to lure buyers with unrealistically low prices.

vii. Research the Seller

Before making a purchase, research the seller’s reputation. Check for any red flags, such as a lack of contact information, negative reviews, or suspicious payment methods.

viii. Seek Expert Advice

If you’re unsure about the authenticity of a Bearbrick, don’t hesitate to seek advice from experienced collectors or forums dedicated to Bearbrick enthusiasts.

viiii. Trust Your Instincts

Finally, trust your instincts. If something feels off about a Bearbrick or the transaction, it’s better to pass it up than risk purchasing a fake.

By following these guidelines and being vigilant when making your Bearbrick purchases, you can safeguard your collection from counterfeit figures and enjoy the genuine beauty and value of these iconic collectibles.

Top 10 Bearbricks

1. BE@RBRICK x Colette 1000%

BE@RBRICK x Colette 1000%

The highly coveted Colette 1000% Bearbrick, a rare commemorative release celebrating Colette’s 10th Anniversary, has recently become accessible through Sold Out and Colette. This colossal 1000% Bearbrick, towering at nearly 30 inches (75 cm) in height, boasts the distinctive signatures of some of the world’s most renowned street artists, including André, Devilrobots, Brian Damage (also known as Perks), Pete Fowler, Futura, James Jarvis, KAWS, Michael Lau, Stash, Will Sweeney, and Kuntzel + Deygas (the creative minds behind Cap & Pep).

Remarkably, there are only 100 of these exclusive pieces available, and they can be found solely through Colette and Sold Out.

2. BE@RBRICK x Karimoku Fragment Design 400%

Compiling a roster of our cherished Bearbrick figures is a longstanding tradition, offering us ample flexibility when it comes to determining the cream of the crop. Among these revered collectibles, the name Karimoku holds a position of immense prestige. Renowned worldwide, this Japanese furniture powerhouse has become synonymous with opulent wooden furnishings. Delving into the annals of Karimoku Furniture Inc., Japan’s foremost wooden furniture manufacturer, transports us back to its origins as a timber merchant during the Edo period. The very name “Karimoku” draws from two Japanese words— “Kari,” an abbreviation of “Kariya,” the birthplace of this illustrious company, and “Moku,” a truncation of “Mokuzai,” signifying “wood” in the rich tapestry of the Japanese language.

If you’re in the mood for a burst of vibrant hues, feast your eyes on the Bearbrick x Karimoku x Haroshi 400%. This remarkable Bearbrick masterpiece boasts an extravagant palette, featuring a vivid interplay of rich reds and oranges harmoniously intertwined with deep shades of green. It’s a mesmerizing display of artistic finesse that’s nothing short of spectacular.

BE@RBRICK x Karimoku Fragment Design Polygon 400%
BE@RBRICK x Karimoku Fragment Design - Carved Layered Wood (2018)

3. BE@RBRICK x The Kaiser Designed by Karl Lagerfeld 1000%

“What truly captivates me is venturing into uncharted territory,” proclaims Karl Lagerfeld, a luminary in the annals of fashion history. Renowned not only for his distinctive powder-white ponytail and enigmatic dark sunglasses but also for his boundlessly innovative vision and ever-expanding sphere of interests, Lagerfeld has transcended the confines of fashion. His creative purview extends into the realms of photography, publishing, design, and film direction. Beyond curating his eponymous collection, he holds the esteemed positions of designer and creative director at Chanel and Fendi. Furthermore, he frequently collaborates with a myriad of luxury and mass-market brands, including the likes of Chloé and H&M. Lagerfeld’s sartorial creations are a fusion of elegance, structural precision, and a dash of severity, drawing inspiration from an eclectic array of idiosyncratic sources. In his own words, “I could spin tales, but I operate solely from the realm of emotions, motivations, creations, needs, and opportunities.”

4. BE@RBRICK x KAWS 1000%

BE@RBRICK x Kaws 2002 1000%

KAWS, an artist hailing from the borough of Brooklyn, stands at the forefront of a creative domain where art and design seamlessly converge. His influential body of work traverses diverse artistic avenues, encompassing painting, expansive murals, monumental sculptures, and urban street art, alongside a foray into graphic and production design. Within the realm of his artistry, one discerns a captivating interplay suffused with refined humor, all underscored by a thoughtful engagement with consumer products through collaborations with global brands.

KAWS’s artistic muse often draws inspiration from and reimagines beloved pop culture animations, thereby crafting a distinctive visual lexicon that spans a wide spectrum of artistic mediums. Presently, his acclaim resonates most profoundly through his towering sculptures and meticulously crafted paintings, which accentuate the interplay of line and color. These creations breathe life into a captivating cast of characters, blurring the lines between cartoon and human, thereby crystallizing his profound exploration of humanity’s essence.

KAWS’s artistic journey has unfolded on a global stage, with exhibitions both in the United States and abroad. Notable solo showcases of his work have graced esteemed institutions like the Brooklyn Museum, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth,  Yorkshire Sculpture Park, the Yuz Museum, and the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga. His contributions extend to group exhibitions at prominent venues such as the Newcomb Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego,  the Deste Art Foundation for Contemporary Art, firmly establishing his enduring influence within the art world.

5. BE@RBRICK x Kutani Takumi Dyed Arabesque 400%

BE@RBRICK x Kutani Takumi Dyed Arabesque 400%

Kutani porcelain, deriving its name from the historic Kutani region, now encompassed within modern-day Kaga, Ishikawa, serves as the inspiration for the “Kutani” BE@RBRICK design. This particular motif evokes a reminiscent chinoiserie pattern, last observed in UNDERCOVER’s 2014 Ready-to-Wear (RTW) collection, as well as in fragment design’s collaborative efforts with UNDERCOVER and Starbucks. Notably, the figure’s hands, feet, ears, and nose are rendered in a striking cobalt blue hue, while intricate brushwork adorns the wrists, chest, and ankles of the bear, lending an artful touch to its appearance.

6. BE@RBRICK x La Maison du Chocolate “Golden Memories” 1000%

Prepare to embark on a journey that seamlessly blends artistry, meticulous craftsmanship, and the world of gourmet chocolate. Bearbrick and the esteemed chocolatier, La Maison du Chocolat, have come together in an exclusive collaboration that marries the iconic Bearbrick figurine with the divine flavors of premium chocolate.

This exceptional partnership extends beyond mere aesthetics. These chocolate creations bear the hallmark expertise of La Maison du Chocolat, utilizing the most exceptional cocoa beans sourced from various corners of the globe. The outcome is an opulent chocolate experience that caresses the palate with its sumptuously smooth texture and exquisite taste profiles. Among the tantalizing options available, you can select from a range of dark, milk, or white chocolates, each possessing its own distinct character.

Elegantly presented in sophisticated packaging, the Bearbrick La Maison du Chocolat transcends mere confection—it becomes a masterpiece in its own right. The tasteful box elegantly showcases the harmonious union between Bearbrick and La Maison du Chocolat, adorned with intricate details and stylish design elements that elevate its overall aesthetic. This creation stands as an ideal gift for aficionados of chocolate, collectors, and those with an appreciation for life’s finer pleasures.

7. BE@RBRICK x Rene Magritte Infinite Recognition 1963 The Castle of the Pyrenees 1000%

The two famous paintings created by the Belgian surrealist artist René Magritte:

i. La Reconnaissance Infinie (Infinite Recognition): This artwork was created in 1963 and is known for its surreal and thought-provoking imagery. In the painting, Magritte depicts a man standing in front of a mirror, holding a bird in his hand. However, instead of his reflection, the mirror shows the back of his head. This work explores themes of self-perception, identity, and the mysterious nature of reality.

ii. The Castle of the Pyrenees: This painting was created in 1959 and is another notable work by Magritte. In this piece, Magritte presents a massive rock floating above the sea, with a castle perched on top of it. The juxtaposition of the seemingly impossible elements challenges our understanding of space and reality, which is a common theme in Magritte’s surrealist art.

Both of these artworks are considered iconic examples of Magritte’s unique style, which often featured ordinary objects and scenes presented in a dreamlike or illogical manner to provoke thought and exploration of the subconscious mind. René Magritte is widely regarded as one of the most influential surrealist painters of the 20th century.

8. Bearbrick Royal Selangor Steven Harrington 400%

Bearbrick Royal Selangor Steven Harrington 400%

Building upon the success of his previous releases, Harrington’s latest figurine is a remarkable masterpiece crafted from solid pewter metal.

This exceptional collectible figure came to life through a collaboration with Royal Selangor, a company with a rich history dating back to its founding in 1885. Over the years, Royal Selangor has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the world’s foremost craftsmen of pewter goods. Standing at an impressive height of approximately one foot, this limited-edition BE@RBRICK serves as a special tribute to the iconic toy dealer, ActionCity, celebrating its 21st Anniversary.

For Harrington, this project marked a unique foray into the world of metalwork, and his satisfaction with the results shines through. The figurine’s hand-crafted construction is a testament to the meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship that both Steven Harrington and Royal Selangor are renowned for.

With this latest collaboration, Steven Harrington continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression, creating collectible art that not only captivates the eye but also pays homage to the rich history of craftsmanship. This pewter BE@RBRICK stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of art in unexpected forms, captivating collectors and enthusiasts alike. As Harrington’s first venture into the world of metal, this figurine is not only a celebration of ActionCity’s legacy but also a testament to the artist’s boundless creativity and dedication to his craft.

9. BE@RBRICK x Leica M


Leica has joined forces with the Japanese collectible company Medicom Toy to create a limited-edition Bearbrick toy that pays homage to iconic Leica camera design. While this charming cartoon-style bear won’t capture photographs, it’s set to become a highly sought-after collectible.

The Bearbrick, stylized as BE@RBRICK by Medicom, introduces a brand-new product line inspired by Leica’s M series cameras. However, this unique creation will have a limited release, exclusively in China.

The collaboration was a collaborative effort between Leica’s David Suh and Mike Lam, the chief designer at 3125C, drawing heavily from the visual aesthetics of Leica’s M cameras.

In typical Medicom Bearbrick fashion, the bear’s core design remains consistent, with intricate patterns and details meticulously painted on. For this Leica partnership, the front of the bear proudly showcases Leica’s lens mount, lens cap, and rangefinder diopter. Meanwhile, the rear features “Leica Camera Wetzlar” alongside another view of the diopter, all set against a backdrop reminiscent of modern digital M rangefinders. The color scheme predominantly features silver and black, with the iconic red Leica logo gracing the bear’s front, serving as a tribute to the legendary M-system rangefinder camera in the history of photography, just below its neck.

The Leica Bearbrick will be available in three sizes: 100%, 400%, and an imposing 1,000%. The standard 100% size stands at seven centimeters (approximately 2.8 inches) tall, as per MediCom’s Bearbrick size standards. Consequently, the 1,000% variant reaches a towering height of 70 centimeters (around 28 inches), while the 400% version measures a substantial 28 centimeters (about 11 inches) in height.

In a delightful twist, the 100% and 400% sizes come with an “exclusive” Leica camera strap and a versatile “multifunctional camera bag.” The 400% bear’s size is remarkably similar to an actual Leica rangefinder, making it a fitting accessory for Leica M system cameras and select lenses.

Notably, the 400% bear’s compact size allows it to fit snugly into a sling bag, marking it as the first cross-back product in Bearbrick’s history. This unique feature is sure to make the 400% bear a highly desirable and trendy street accessory for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

10. BE@RBRICK x Marvel Iron Spider

The Iron Spider suit made its prominent appearances in both “Spider-Man: Far From Home” and “Avengers: Endgame,” serving as a specially designed armored ensemble by Tony Stark for Peter Parker. This exceptional 400%+100% Bearbrick rendition captures its essence with a sleek and shiny finish in vibrant red, metallic gold, deep blue, and commanding black.

Originally launched exclusively in Japan, this Spider-Man Bearbrick has swiftly earned the adoration of Marvel enthusiasts and dedicated toy collectors across the globe. It has become a coveted favorite, adding an extra layer of excitement to the Marvel collectibles scene.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • 1. What's the best way to take care for Bearbricks?

    Taking care of your Bearbricks is crucial to preserve their condition and value. Here are some essential care tips:

    i. Storage Environment: Store your Bearbrick figures in a dry area at room temperature. Maintaining a stable environment is essential to prevent damage.

    ii. Temperature and Humidity: Avoid subjecting your Bearbricks to extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations. These conditions can be particularly harmful, especially for figures in their original packaging.

    iii. Sealed Storage Containers: For your most valuable Bearbrick figures, consider using sealed storage containers. These containers provide an extra layer of protection, shielding your collectibles from dust, moisture, and potential physical damage.

    By following these care recommendations, you can ensure the longevity and pristine condition of your Bearbrick collection.

  • 2. Can you expect Bearbricks to maintain their value over time?

    Bearbricks (also stylized as BE@RBRICK) have a track record of holding their value quite well. It's not an isolated occurrence either. When delving into Bearbrick's rich history of collaborations, you'll discover a diverse range of bears reselling at prices that can exceed their initial cost by anywhere from 5% to an impressive 1000%. Notably, many of the rarer releases tend to fall on the higher end of this valuation spectrum.

  • 3. an you reposition the head of a BE@RBRICK?

    BE@RBRICKs, these beloved collectible figures, are constructed from nine distinct parts. These parts encompass the head, torso, hips, arms, hands, and legs, each equipped with movable joints. While the head can indeed be adjusted, it's worth noting that BE@RBRICK figures are typically made from various materials, with plastic being the most common. These charming figurines have not only found a place in the realms of fashion and art but also offer collectors the flexibility to customize their poses.

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