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Benefits of Essence Of Chicken in Singapore

Top 5 Benefits of Essence of Chicken [2024 Guide]

Essence of Chicken is popular as a naturally good health drink. It is extracted from high quality of chicken, processed at very high temperatures with no added preservatives, artificial colouring, artificial flavouring. It is bottled in an air-sealed form for easy consumption.

As a TCM called Traditional Chinese Medicine, chicken essence has been used as a health supplement. The health benefits of chicken essence are so widely recognized that some Asian families have been using it for many centuries. Today, chicken essence is widely available in Singapore. It can be purchased in NTUC FairPrice, traditional Chinese medicine retail outlets or its online shops in Singapore.

Here are the top 7 benefits of chicken essence before you consider whether it is right for you.

1. Combat mental fatigue and increase productivity

Working in front of a computer for hours every day, attending long virtual meetings and studying and preparing for an exam at night is the norm for many people in today environment. Excessive workload can gradually wear out your mind and body. As you experience fatigue, your performance in every task will gradually decrease.

Some typical signs of mental fatigue are: having a trouble concentrating on the task at hand, difficulties to solve problems, feeling anxious, intolerance with others, loss of passion for your work and hobbies, frustration or confusion and sleeping worse than normal.

If taking a bottle  of chicken essence a day, it can help reduce irritation, anxiety and improve mental focusing and concentration. It also improves recovery from mental fatigue based on a research study, and so it is recognised as an anti-fatigue food.

If you want your children to do better in school and reach their full potential, then you should make sure that they have a good diet and get proper nutrition.

Psychiatrist Drew Ramsey, MD mentioned that the foods kids eat during their growth stage is very important for brain development and cognitive skills.

As children grow, their brains are developing. The developing brain needs essential nutrients to develop properly. Superfoods and brain foods, which provide essential nutrients, can be beneficial to children. This is to help them improve the ability to focus, memorize in life. On of superfoods is the Brand’s AlphaMynd Essence of Chicken with Vitamin B Complex is ideal daily diet for growing children aged between 2 and 12.

Based on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendation, it is essential for a mother to exclusively breastfeed their babies for at least 6 months. And if possible, continue until 2 years or beyond.

If you’d like your baby to continue receiving healthful breast milk, please make sure to eat the right kinds of food, which will increase the volume of breast milk while maintaining its quality mother’s milk. From clinical study of 235 post-delivery mothers who were given chicken essence, it found that the chicken essence helped to promote early milk secretion, produce enough breast milk while maintaining the mother’s breast milk quality.

As chicken essence contains no fats, no cholesterol, no added salt and no preservatives, you can rest assured that it is a healthy food supplement for you and your whole family.

In 2016, diabetes was the 7th most common underlying cause of death. It was reported that there were over 400,000 Singaporeans live with the diseases

A proper healthy diet, regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight and monitoring blood sugar level are all effective ways to keep the blood sugar level stabilised.

Chicken essence is commonly consumed in Asian countries for its ability to improve weakened immunity. Here’a study have shown that Essence of Chicken is effective for the immune system.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Who benefits from Essence of Chicken ?

i. People who want to improve memory and mental concentration.

ii. Students who need to cope with their exam period and study schedule. Essence of chicken is beneficial to students who drink it for relief from anxiety during the period of exams and feel more relaxed, focused.

iii. Seniors who want to increase energy. Senior citizens use essence of chicken for the health benefits. It’s a nutritional supplement, and it can naturally increase immunity against disease. Chicken essence helps new mums to build up their health after childbirth so they feel more energised and this helps them to stay focused on their tasks.

iv. Drivers who need to focus on the road driving. Driving a taxi means staying alert all times for the safety of driver themselves and their passengers. With long hours spent on the road, it can be mentally exhausting. The essence of chicken help them feel energetic after their shift.

v. Busy people who want to seize the day with confidence and energy. Long hour job cause human being mind and body trouble keeping up. The essence of chicken help busy workers maintain good energy level so they can concentrate on their tasks.

2. Which is the best brand for chicken essence in Singapore?

BRAND, HockHua, Eu Yan Seng, Lau Xie Zhen, New Moon

3. When to drink chicken essence?

You can drink Essence of Chicken straight from the bottle. You can take it daily anytime anywhere as part of your balanced diet.

4. Where to buy chicken essence in Singapore?

Please visit any of these stores in Singapore to pick up your choice, such as FairPrice, Sheng Siong, Giant, Cold Storage, Watsons, Guardian, Unity, 7-eleven, online shops, Shopee and Lazada. 

Thank you for reading this post. If you enjoy this post, please share it with your friends or family members. Let’s get life transformed together! Many thanks.

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