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 The Pieces match duplo blocks perfectly. We bought and assembled a quick track as a surprise gift to our daughter for her birthday. She hasn’t seen it yet but we think it will be a well loved item! 
Byron B.

This also comes with instructions on how to build a few of the marble runs. It’s also a good learning tool. My 3 year old daughter was able to connect some pieces to make the ball run.

Carolina H.

Essentially 4 sets with 4 small platforms, packed well. The whole came, the children are happy. Quality is super, I recommend.

Weston M.
At the beginning, I felt skeptical.  Unlike some off-brands, the pieces fit seamlessly with Duplos. It's actually difficult to tell the difference. Sometimes you have to make sure things are flush for the balls to roll well, the green pieces for the base are kind of thin, and I think one step was reversed in the directions. But overall this is the best toy we've gotten in a long time!
Jolene C.
My daughter loves this marble run set. It's pretty fun. My daughter enjoy it. It's better quality than the other marble run set she have had before.
Michelle S.
This is a great educational game for all ages. My daughters can build it together and help each other out. I like how you can build it in different forms so it can be fun for the kids. They have so much fun doing it together. This game teaches them to share and build things on their own.
Barbra H.

Very happy with this purchase, is the third time I buy from this shop for my daughter, totally recommend it. It arrived in a week after order!

Hunter G.
My son enjoy this marble run set and he has been playing with it for days. I like it because he can imagine whatever he want and he can build it. This marble run building blocks will inspire creativity as well as curiosity, enhance the imagination.
Ignacio C..
. The blocks come in so many pieces and the colors make the kids want to play all the time. The tracks have the same rounded edges that feel comfortable in the hand. Of course, it is made from high quality ABS material and is nontoxic.
Brenton W..

 My daughter love this set! She is so happy to receive this set as it’s compatible with Duplo. She can combine the two light green base plates from this set with her green Duplo plate to make a bigger play space.

Tom B.
My daughter can learn shape recognition and spatial three-dimensional thinking ability. It come in set of 297 pieces which can make very simple to complex tack models. Making it a great fit for kids of different ages.
Maynard H.
My children have two sets, so they can combine the challenges of track building blocks with the fun of a marble run. They really enjoyed building various tracks and shapes. They like to race by watching marbles go down, around bends. I would highly recommend this for all ages. It’s a thinking game and a building game all in one.
Leona L.


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